VFP Members to feature in “Letters Home”

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George Hill and Spike Pike of Veterans For Peace UK will perform and speak at “Letters Home” In Corby

Tuesday 19 May


Corby Trades and Labour Club
Stuart Road



  1. kenny williams says:

    Spike “The Poet” performing this… Priceless
    Its a shame Im almost 200 miles away or Id be their front and centre.
    Best of luck boys, remember, "Who
    s cool?” “Fronzys cool” … Be cool

    PS. What about Gus doing it? that would be inspirational to hear his thoughts.

    Kenny VFP UK

    1. Gus Hales says:

      Hi Kenny,

      Missed you at the AGM this year mate, hope you are ok. If you are ever passing by in your truck, give us a bell in Nuneaton M6, M42, M69 and all that. All roads lead to Nuneaton.

      Funny you should mention about letters. A few years ago after my mum and dad died, I was clearing out their house and came across a bluee I had written from the Falkland Islands. I could barely remember writing it, my mother kept it, and to be honest it brought a tear to me glass eye, as all the pity and emotions of the time came flooding back. Meks yer wunder dunnit.

      1. kenny williams says:

        Gus… Stobarts truck and trailers mate.. I run to Daventry Crick Tesco I`m at leicester services between 0900 1000 at least once a week drop me your number to manx.warrior@live.com and perhaps if your free we can have a coffee?
        PAL Bro
        Kenny VFP UK

        1. Gus Hales says:

          Hi Kenny,

          Email sent. Might go over and see the production on Tuesday, its not to far from here. I think Spike and George will make a good double act.

          1. Fiona Gallagher says:

            A good double act indeed Gus!! Laurel and Hardy..is that who you mean lol and Hello Kenny xx hope yer all good. Xxx

  2. Les says:

    Well done Spike and George, hope it goes well.

  3. Fiona Gallagher says:

    Good on you both Spike and George x as they say in the theatre..break a leg! Xx

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