Battlefield Casualties film to play on Armed Forces Day in Southampton


Today Southampton today will hold ‘The Other Armed Forces Day’ Event

This MOD approved event (check their website) strongly informs and challenges commonly held views of war in days past, now and for the future.

This event involves well-researched and little known radical history; both locally and regionally that looks at the ways during the first and second world wars people who resisted or opposed it were treated, it looks at the nature of war.

A day of creative expression, dialogue and workshops that include veterans, artists, historians, poets and we hope- you too!

Stories of people who were and still are the ‘conscience of war’- telling how it was, is and what it’s like for new recruits. Also includes:

-New short films by Darren Cullen- Action man: Battlefield Casualties. This ‘other’ Armed Forces Day Event in Southampton proudly hosts this controversial quality video exposing the brutal potential outcomes of the armed service, which has become a viral hit online and gotten into national and international papers. Action Man: Battlefield Casualties, a Veterans For Peace UK film has been viewed over 300,000 times in just 36 hours.

-Ex SAS soldier Ben Griffin founder of Veterans for Peace UK: What to expect if you ‘join up’ now. Speaking from personal experience/ involvement.
-Little known accounts from Bristol Radical History Group on mutinies local and regional as well as strikes across the south of England and Europe.

-An interactive workshop with Emily Johns and Gabriel Carlyle: The world is my country – Inspiring art and histories of resistance.

-Art by CRASS member Gee Vaucher, Darren Cullen, Printmaker Emily Johns, Local Painter Lizzie Jones and so much more.

Creative activities for children arranged.

Veterans for Peace UK want to build support for the campaign to raise the recruitment age of the British Army from 16 to 18. “The UK stands alongside Iran and North Korea in continuing to recruit children into its armed forces. We want to put pressure on the government to bring UK recruitment policy into line with the rest of the world.”



a) Veterans For Peace UK, is a voluntary ex-services organisation of men and women who have served in every war that Britain has fought since WW2.

We focus our work to:

• Educate young people on the true nature of military service and war.

• Resist war and militarism through non-violent action.

• Stand in solidarity with people resisting militarism and war.

b) Battlefield Casualties was directed by Price James, written by Darren Cullen, featuring Matt Berry, produced by Agile Films.

To speak about any aspect of this day please come to the event, say who you are and ask to speak to a facilitator who will endeavor to assist you.

Email to speak to Veterans For Peace.


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  1. Fiona Gallagher says:

    Wish I could be there. No doubt this will be an informative day, telling truths and shredding the myth that war is glorious. I hope young people see how the reality of war has no parallel with the well packaged lies they are being sold by the military. Well done to all involved in every aspect of today and the ongoing re-education of young impressionable minds xx

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