VFP UK in Los Angeles



    Inspiring stuff, indeed!

    Garry H
    Georgia, USA
    RA, 1987-2006

  2. PS:

    Ben Griffin was not a Para of SF Solider…..he was in the RAF with me and served as a steward. He was thrown out of the RAF for failing his annual RAF fitness test!

    1. kenny williams says:


      if that was true the troop and other members that were sf and int would of come down hard on ben… dont talk crap mate.
      nice little piece before very true mate… will be posting a film soon on utube called nato warcrimes
      check out storm clouds gathering he is spot on.
      pal kenny vfp uk

      1. Ken

        It was just a standing joke between Ben and myself…..I thought he would have removed that by now anfd told me grow up!

        Like all of us in middle age, Ben seems to be loosing it on top now…….it`s what ended my modeling career you know!


        1. kenny williams says:

          cool… as the fonz see ya in november dood

          pal kenny vfp uk

          1. Hello, Kenny

            I have sent you a private message via Ben`s email account (you look like a nice boy…..uhh, shit that door!)

            I hope to hear from you soon.


            Yes, Ross does indeed look like Tom Baker!

  3. Interesting and informative talks lads! Iraq was most certainly a turning point for me in re-assessing the role of the UK military (and our European partners) and our unswerving commitment to the ultra right wing neocons that stole power in the 2000 election to implement their long held plan for US hegemony (see the Project for a New American Century) and the fabricated justifications for dismantling the Baathist (previously allied) regime in Iraq. I think it was Saddams decision to demand Euros for oil after 10 years of damaging sanctions and trade embargoes that sealed his fate in a similar fashion to Qaddafis ill fat6ed decree to unify Africa economically and demand gold for oil tariffs. Any one who jeopardizes the US petro dollar is as good as dead just as the world economy would be too, or at least as it will eventually be anyway in the near future! As for the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, South America and other areas of geopolitical interest to energy dependent industrialized world, well, they will cease to be of any real relevance to us when those finite resources come to a sticky end! However, Im sure well all find other things to depend upon and then fight over too!

  4. John Boulton says:

    Fantastic! Three great ambassadors for VFP (UK). Jim, you are an inspiration, Ben, as succinct and heartfelt as ever and Karl… you were truly a star mate. You spoke from your soul and we can all see how hard that must have been for you, every word. You did yourself very proud!

  5. kenny williams says:

    After a long days work this was nice to watch… is it me, or does Ross Altman look Tom Baker?

    Kenny Williams VFP UK

  6. Willy Bach says:

    Watching these videos made me remember why I wanted to join you there at the VFP Conference. Powerful material – thanks for the inspiration.

    Thanks Ben for the best rendering yet on why you decided to leave.

    There is much yet to be done to end the war-making madness.

  7. Ant Heaford says:

    I remember 2 things from my visits to the States – hospitality and kindness, and i ‘d bet the three of you are enjoying the same. Cheers for posting all the links and news – great to see. (ok, 3 things: hospitality, kindness and proper measures of whiskey! )

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