Perfidious Albion and the War in Syria by Steve Jefferies

david cameronWith the Syrian refugee crisis dominating the headlines, and the mainstream media and politicians demonstrating quite possibly the greatest hypocritical U-turn of the century, I thought it would be wise to do a bit of research into the origins of Syria’s ‘civil war’. The mainstream media like to present things in simplistic terms, i.e. good guys and bad guys, and they have certainly done that here, with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad placed firmly in the ‘bad guy’ camp.

In Aug 2013 Sarin gas was used on innocent civilians in the Ghouta district near Syria’s capital Damascus, with claims of up to 1400 killed. It was a terrible attack and the videos are horrific. There was an international outcry and our ‘good friends from across the pond’ the American politicians, called for a bombing campaign to topple Bashar al-Assad from power.

Now call me cynical if you will, but haven’t we seen this kind of thing before? The demonising of a countries leader and a call for a military intervention on humanitarian grounds? Surely there has to be some other motivation for western intervention in Syria? Well, I did a bit of digging (just basic google searches) which took me to the South Pars/North Dome Gas Condensate Field. Apparently, it’s the worlds largest natural gas field, shared by both Qatar and Iran.

Now in 2009, Qatar (allied to western powers, USA, UK etc) proposed to run a natural gas pipeline from the South Pars/North Dome gas field through Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey to Europe . Instead, Bashar al-Assad later signed a $10 Billion pipeline deal with Iraq and Iran.

So basically, Bashar al-Assad decide to buy gas from the Iranians not western backed Qatar, and crucially (i believe) this would mean that the sale would not be in United States dollars, which would undermine the whole American economy (research ‘the petrodollar’).

Other leaders of countries have also also attempted to sell oil or gas in a currency other than the US dollar, they include Saddam Hussain leader of Iraq, invaded and killed. Muammar Gaddafi, leader of Libya, bombed, overthrown by western backed rebels and killed. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former leader of Iran, placed on ‘axis of evil’ list, crippling sanctions against the country. Vladimir Putin, leader of Russia, placed on ‘axis of evil’ list, crippling sanctions against the country.

Now the case of Libya is quite interesting because there is a direct link to the funding and arming of rebels there and the rebels in Syria. After the overthrow of Gaddafi, all the weapons that the Americans provided were then put on a ship to Turkey where they were then passed over the Syrian border to the rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad. We like to refer to them as ‘moderate rebels’ when we give them arms to fight our proxy wars. However, there are videos of these moderates cutting out the hearts of the enemy and eating them, cutting off heads, burning people alive and drowning them. There are numerous groups, Al Nusra Front (sometimes called al-Qaeda in Syria), Free Syrian Army, ISIS, etc all funded by western powers such as the USA and the UK, yes that’s right, our taxpayers money. Hopefully you can see a pattern here, but this is just a simplified version of a complex situation based on limited research that I have done, there is no doubt more to this that I have not covered. I’ve included a list of source references below. I’m just trying to make connections and amongst other things, show that despite a sudden show of compassion from David Cameron and the Mainstream media, there is so much more to this story and geopolitics as a whole. I believe that most people in our country think our government is benevolent, however you only have to peel back a few layers from the ‘official version’ of a story that is presented through the mainstream media to realise that that is not the case.

Just a final point about the Sarin gas attack, it is still not known who did it, some say it was Bashar al-Assad, others say it was the rebels. Would Assad do that, knowing it would bring the American bombs on him? or did ‘our rebels’ do it in order to gain a outcry from us, the public, demanding intervention, so we could overthrow Assad, put in our puppet leaders and get our gas pipeline from Qatar, sold in good old American Dollars?


Steve Jefferries served as a Navy signaller in 148 Commando Bty RA and is a member of Veterans For Peace UK

References and source material


  1. radfax says:

    Until there is transparency and people are held to account for their actions, nothing will change.
    You are, be the change.

  2. I am not religious and I believe religion is both a man made concept and dangerous to the world….and I do not believe in prophecy.

    However, reading the pages of Rebuilding Americas Defencesproved to relevational and highly prophetic and proof of the hidden hands that now guide all foreign policy, who ever has beendemocratically elected` to office!

    Click to access RebuildingAmericasDefenses.pdf

    Chilling reading, indeed!

    Garry Harriman
    Augusta, Ga, USA
    RAF, 1987-2006

    1. kenny williams says:

      HI Gary
      “Storm Clouds Gathering” is an excellent site to see whats happening.
      As promised two of my five videos are on utube (need optimised etc) but still very good here`s the links

      The next one gets even better
      Kenny VFP UK

  3. Steve

    I have also wondered if it is the case that the Euro currency has been deliberately undermined by those with the power to do it (with Greece being made an example of) in the face of its original completion to the USD. After 10 years of crippling sanctions and bombings, Saddam Hussein did indeed deploy a weapon of mass destruction, the request to be paid for oil exports in Euro currency. Once he did that, he was as good as dead. Gaddafi also made a pledge to economically unite the African continent and said it would now request gold (Dinars) for all oil and gas transactions and, for that, he was horribly deposed, tortured and murdered for it. I suppose we all have our share of the blame to burden. We all want unlimited supplies of cheap energy and not think to ask how we get it and do not realize that it is soon to diminish and change our whole of life. I think we all know, too, the price that many of the nations we intervene in to meet our needs pay for our needs and that goes far beyond the politicians and the abhorrent foreign polices that are enacted in order to meet those needs, no, not needs, to function as a society that is completely dependant on fossil fuels if it wished to exist in its current form……and the demand for such finite resources is only growing……so too will the price such lands that possess such coveted resources will continue to pay.

    Garry Harriman
    Augusta, Ga
    RAF, 1987-2006

  4. Steve:

    This is a remarkable piece. I have always maintained that our most recent wars were indeed all about geopolitical access and control of the Mideast oil reserves and Central Asia with a huge prize beneath the waters of the Caspian Sea. Pipe line deals and flowing to Western, energy hungry consumers dependant on such resources were just part of the grand plan. The USD has been the worlds global reserve e currency for so e time now, and, as you have reported, anyone who proposes a new basket currency to OPEC as a viable alternative to the USD will indeed be targeted. If you look up the Project for a new American Century, and, most crucially, Rebuilding Americas Defencesyou will see the grand plan the NECONs had for US hegemony with the strange and as yet unsolved (in my humble opinion) 9/11 attacks providing thelegal, ethical and justifiable platform in which to wage these wars with the media behind them and the public fooled. The current refugee crisis that you write so eloquently about, is indeed the result of our desires to remove Assad from power by other and all means necessary even the face of the publics rejection of such aggression. I live on the USA, and it is unreal to me at how ill informed a lot of Americans are in relation to current affairs and not capable of independent critical thinking outside of what they learn from a heavily biased and corporate media.

    Kind regards

    Garry Harriman
    Augusta, Ga, USA
    RAF, 1987-2006

  5. Kieran says:

    Excellent post Steve. I’ve heard so many people trumpet the government line lately, I’m beginning to wonder if we are now addicted to war.

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