Sunday 8 November 2015

1330 HRS

Whitehall Place, London

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On Remembrance Sunday, Veterans For Peace UK will walk to The Cenotaph under the banner “NEVER AGAIN”.

We will hold a ceremony at The Cenotaph to remember all of those killed in war including civilians and enemy soldiers. 

Supporters of VFP UK are invited and encouraged to follow us to The Cenotaph.

Timings TBC

1330 hrs Meet at Whitehall Place

1400 hrs Form up at Whitehall place

1410 hrs Move off from Whitehall Place

1415 hrs Arrive at The Cenotaph and carry out the ceremony.

1430 hrs Depart from The Cenotaph

1435 hrs Arrive back at Whitehall Place

1500 hrs Disperse from Whitehall Place

The Ceremony

VFP UK enter the enclosure and line up facing the Cenotaph.

Jim Radford will sing

Karl Hemming will recite a poem

The Wreath will be laid.

The Last Post.

One minutes silence.


VFP will move off out of the enclosure and back towards Whitehall Place.


VFP Members – VFP UK Hoody, Shirt, Black Tie, Dark Trousers, Dark Shoes. Poppy (White / Red / Both / None).

Followers – As if you are attending a funeral.


Never Again Banner – To be carried by two VFP members at the front.

Wreath of White Poppies

VFP UK Banner – To be carried by two VFP members at the rear and before the followers.


Only the designated film-makers Shaun Dey and Guy Smallman can enter the enclosure of The Cenotaph.

VFP Members will not be conducting interviews on the day.

Instructions for Followers

All are invited to follow us to The Cenotaph.

Followers are not to enter the enclosure of The Cenotaph.

No banners, placards or megaphones are to be carried by those following VFP UK.

Dress must be smart / sombre as if you are attending a funeral.

All attending agree to conform to the VFP UK Statement of Nonviolence


  1. David Marchesi says:

    Am enquiring as to whether I can get some “bleuets de France”, the French cornflower which is seen sometimes in France. I would think wearing a red and white poppy and a blue cornflower would encourage discussion on the use of very emotive symbols. It is not acceptable that the toffs and rabid Rightists should take over the poppy symbol, and it is more than sad that the Royal British Legion allows itself to be , in effect, the bandmaster fro sleazy “patriotism”/war glorification. Soon, the memory of the conscript armies of Europe, including ours, will be replaced with the necessarily selective impressions of volunteer/professional military. For various reasons , few of of our professional service people are likely to think in the broad perspective as VFP members do.
    Remembrance Sunday needs the contribution of VFP – I admire your stand and hope to join you, maybe with my tricolour symbol. The French suffered even more than we in WW1, of course, with about 1 Mn dead and huge destruction of their country. Then we have the Commonwealth forces, the Russians and- let’s remember, the Germans . Others, too. All led into killing their brothers on an industrial scale by fools and blackguards, to no real purpose.

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