Saturday 7 November 2015

1000 to 1700 hrs

George Fox Room
Friends House

1000 to 1300hrs – VFP UK EGM – Timings not fixed

1000 – Business Meeting

1100 – Cenotaph Briefing

1115 – US VFP Q&A Panel

1400 to 1600hrs – Public Event – Women in the Military

The public are invited to attend a panel discussion involving four female veterans. The women will talk about their experiences within the British Army and the US Army.

Adrienne Kinne – US Army

Nadia Mitchell – British Army

Kathryn Piquette – US Army

Rachel Thompson – British Army

1600 – 1700 Time for end of conference discussions and networking as we pack up.

Stalls – TBC

Rail – Euston

Tube – Euston

Facebook –

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