Protest: Don’t Bomb Syria


Lots of different groups will be attending this.

VFP to gather under the VFP flag: 1200 on Saturday 28 November at Downing Street.

If you want a VFP hoody to wear get in touch with Ben.


  1. Donna Canale says:

    See you tomorrow.

  2. It does not take long to find very credible and plausible alternative sources of media that makes much more sense of the probable real factors for modern war fare that a random example as enclosed. World peace and brotherly love is unrealistic in terms of reality. The world has always been in conflict and it always will be, and it is deluded to think otherwise. However, it is proven fact that all great empires and societies that have ever existed fail for one common reason: The failure to sustain themselves due to outstripping the resources and political structures that were responsible for survival and cohesion. I think we are heading in that direction, and that we need to work together on alternative energy solutions that are workable for all of to function, to consume less, and to work the only 2 real security threats we face as a species, irreversible climate change and over population!

    Garry H
    Ga, USA
    British Royal Air Force, 1987 2006

  3. After years of personal research and an open mind, I have formulated the opinionated opinion that our recent wars against evil and terror relate to 2 main national security issues: Energy and finance. We have had a pretty good run with our flirtation with the oil age. Oil is vital for every aspect of our modern life from food production and distribution, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, clothing, plastics, and, indeed, every item on every store in every city of the world. Yes, without it, we simply would not be living in this current age of seemingly finite decadence and consumerism. However, is it now running out and are we now facing competition from expanding, recently developed nations that also want a slice of the prosperity pie that we have enjoyed for so long? Are we finding it more and more problematic to extract this vital resource from known reserves and current reserves? Further, since most major energy companies are now in private hands, treating energy too much like a marketable commodity for profit rather than a vital national security commodity that should be in State hands, it is not difficult to see why we are going to war and causing wide spread instability built around fairy tales of terror and us against them when we should all be working together to come up with viable alternatives and work on spin off issues from this such as climate change. Maybe I am delude, but I just find the official explanations for what is going on as pure fantasy!

    Garry H

  4. Syria was one of the target nations of the Neoconservatives in the USA (refer the Project for a New American Century and Rebuilding Americas Defenses- all proven and factual) and, like the rest, for hidden ulterior motives, probably geopolitical and probably related to oil and gas pipe lines and other things that make it a nation of interest and all `justified after the strange and, in my opinion, as yet unsolved events of 9/11.

    Democracy seemed to prevail, with the House of Commons not giving our prime minister authority to launch British airstrikes and public opinion in the USA toning down anti Assad rhetoric from the White House. Then we have another strange and, again, in my opinion, another strange but convenient series of terror attacks and, hey presto, the bombs are almost falling out of aircraft bomb bays before we can even take in and absorb what has occurred.

    Here, in the USA. CNN, Fox news and the corporate media really do a fantastic job at spreading miss information and keeping everyone afraid… the point where people give up their intellectual capacity to critically evaluate facts for themselves and form a more informed and open opinion.

    Garry H
    Ex UK military

  5. Michael Grant Nelson says:

    I shall be with you in spirit. Too many other nations are already bombing Syria. There will be inevitable collateral damage which I do not want on my consciebce. David Cameron is advovating a primitive response which is likely to actually increase risk of responses both in Britain and elsewhere. While this is the least significant objection it will be an absolute waste of money!!

  6. Nicola Beglin says:

    I shall be with you in spirit. Thank you so much.

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