Protest – Don’t Bomb Syria – Tuesday



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  1. Adriana Díaz-Enciso says:

    Don’t bomb Syria. We have to wake up. An act or brutality cannot be mended by more brutality. That only makes the chain grow, endlessly, as we have seen over and over again.

    Bombing -annihilating- other human beings can never be the solution. It only engenders more terror, from whatever sign. The response to atrocities has to adhere to reason, it cannot be simply an automatic, reflex reaction. Brutal force is always a reaction, not a constructive, meditated action.

    The response to the atrocities of a broken humanity cannot be more broken humanity.

    The British government didn’t listen with Iraq. It betrayed us. That betrayal is still felt, and its disgraceful outcome has caused the loss of many human lives, and the continuation of horror (war, terror, grief).

    Please listen this time. Don’t betray us again. Do listen.

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