Veterans Demand The Release Of Wikileaks Editor


The BBC is reporting that the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) is to rule tomorrow that Julian Assange is being arbitrarily detained within the United Kingdom.

In a clear breach of protocol, a source within the UK Government has leaked this information early. The ruling was not expected to be announced until Friday by the UN. This is yet another example of the improper way in which Julian Assange has been treated by the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taylor who served in Iraq said “Julian has faced persecution from the Britain, Sweden and the United States of America since Wikileaks released the Afghan War Diaries, Iraq war logs and the Collateral Murder video”. Daniel continued “We have seen Private Chelsea Manning sentenced for 35 years for her part in these courageous publications, we know that a similar fate is planned for Assange which is why the Government of Ecuador has granted him political asylum.”

Ben Griffin who served with the SAS in Iraq said “Those publications enlightened the public on the true nature of the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. The collateral murder video revealed the brutal reality of military operations within Iraq and the callous disregard for life that was a defining feature of that occupation.” Ben continued “We have stated throughout his ordeal that he is being persecuted not because of an allegation made in Sweden but because of his work as editor of Wikileaks.”

The ruling of the UNWGAD will state the Assange is being detained arbitrarily. Veterans For Peace UK expect the immediate release of Julian Assange and assurances from the United Kingdom that his passport will be returned and that he be able to leave this country without further harassment.


  1. Radfax says:

    When will domestic & international laws be enforced, resulting in the arrest of UK MP’s for the offences against persons Act 1861, murder and war crimes

  2. Philip Reiss says:

    Those who reveal the wrongdoings of governments, intent on secrecy to keep the public ignorant, should be lauded as national heroes.

  3. Dave Hancock, VfP USA says:

    It’s super worrisome that so few individuals and organizations have been making noise, objecting to the treatment of Julian by the UK and enabled by the US.

  4. Lem Genovese says:

    Mr. Snowden should be included as well.

  5. Edward Horgan says:

    Veterans for Peace Ireland fully supports demands for release of Wikileaks founder

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