VFP UK online Groups exist in order to engage in the exchange of information and opinion within the framework of the VFP Statement of Purpose .  The essence of the VFP Statement of Purpose is to expose the true costs of war, to seek justice for veterans and victims of war, to restrain our government from intervening – overtly and covertly – in the internal affairs of other nations, to press our government to reduce and ultimately eliminate all nuclear weapons, and to abolish war as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy.

Our Statement of Purpose calls upon us to pursue our activities in a nonviolent fashion and to respect that VFP members are acting “in the best interests of the organization, and of world peace.”

The VFP UK Policy Group is responsible for insuring that they are being utilized for the purposes stated above, and that differences of opinion are expressed in a respectful, non-violent fashion.  This is not about censorship, but rather about establishing a civil culture which welcomes all VFP members to read and participate in our internal communications.

The VFP Executive Committee will assume the responsibility of denying list serve access to members who engage in the following types of communication:

  • Racist or sexist language or content, including anti-LGBT comments, are clearly unacceptable.


  • Insulting language, name-calling, profanity towards fellow members, or accusations they are government agents. This violates our pledge to act nonviolently, and to respect VFP members, no matter how strongly we may disagree.


  • Promotion of violence, war calls for U.S. military intervention.


  • Over-posting by individual members. In order to encourage wider participation by more members, we request that members not post on VFP list serves more than three times per day.

When we tolerate the above behavior, we allow VFP list serves to become toxic.  VFP members are discouraged from participating on the list serves, and some may even decide not to renew their membership in the organization.

The VFP Executive Committee may deny access to VFP list serves to members who continue to violate the above guidelines, even after receiving a warning. This may be done on a permanent or temporary basis, depending on the seriousness of the abuses.

VFP members who wish to bring specific complaints to our attention or to appeal their removal from access to VFP list serves may write to VFP Vice President Gerry Condon at

Upon their publication on VFP list serves, the above rules will be enforced.  Please support the VFP Board of Directors and help us to maintain list serves which will serve our organization and the cause of world peace.



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