Last night members of VFP London and other #NoPrideinWar activists made a visit to the Ministry of Defence to demand the cancellation of the Red Arrows fly over at this years Pride.

We processed from Trafalgar Square with a coffin handing out lots of flyers on the way.

We laid a coffin and the No Pride in War flowers in front of the main entrance/exit and had our banners facing the workers as they left.

A big police presence arrived and began diverting MOD workers out of a side exit. We caused the main exit route to be closed down between 5 and 6pm.

There was persistant chanting and speakers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Anyone leaving or entering the building will have seen the demo. Senior people inside will have been briefed about the demo by the cops.

Please sign the No Red Arrows over Pride petition

Keep an eye on the No Pride in War facebook page for campaign updates.



No Pride in War is a coalition of LGBTQI+ and anti-war activists.

We demand the cancellation of the Red Arrows fly past, as well as the withdrawal of BAE Systems from the parade, which is a company that not only profits from war, but also incentivises it.

The Red Arrows serve two purposes; to promote recruitment into the Royal Air Force, and to promote British arms sales internationally, for companies like BAE Systems, who have been invited to the parade.

Pride is being used within a wider public relations strategy that aims to capture the imagination of the public whilst concealing the brutal nature of warfare and the gruesome trade of the arms industry.

Celebrating and promoting institutions of war, that profit from the planning and execution of warfare globally, is an affront to the values that LGBTQI+ movements, and indeed Pride itself, have been built on. There is No Pride in War.

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  1. Adrian Walker says:

    Great stuff!

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