Don’t Join the Army’ is a project of Veterans For Peace UK. It is a response to the Army’s consistently misleading and exploitative recruitment campaigns aimed at young people.

Based on the experiences of hundreds of veterans, Don’t Join the Army provides young people with information about military service often missing from the official recruitment material.

Pre-order the Veterans For Peace Limited Edition t-shirt ‘DON’T JOIN THE ARMY’. Available for a limited time only. Get it while you still can!

Go to to order today.


  1. bidge says:

    Is it for possible for you to produce items that allow me (and others like me) to support your group that won’t make me (us) feel like a fraud.

    I’d love to wear your t-shirt, so as to carry the message forwared, as it is an extremely important message that needs to be delivered. However to do so would make me feel like a charlatan as I am not a veteran.

    Something along the lines of “Veterans for Peace Ally”. I’ll leave it with you, but its one reason I haven’t considered buying any of the merchandise you have produced.

    1. admin says:

      Please feel free to buy and wear this new t-shirt as we hope that non-veterans feel comfortable wearing them.

      Our white t-shirts have the phrase STAND WITH VFPUK.

      Our next run will be an “ALLY” design, thanks for the idea.

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