On Armed Forces Day members of VFP from all over the UK hit the streets of London. We handed out counter recruitment flyers based on our new website (DON’T JOIN THE ARMY) and engaged in conversations with the public on the aspects of military service that you won’t find out about in the Army Careers office or on their website.

The army is not only trying to lure in people as young as 16, they are also attempting to capture the imagination of our society. They want us to believe that all soldiers are heroes. That army life is all fun. That we go to war to defend the people of this country. This just ain’t true.

In the week running up to Armed Forces Day we launched our new counter recruitment website (DON’T JOIN THE ARMY) which features information gained from the experiences of hundred of veterans.

Unlike the official recruitment material our website reveals the negative aspects of army service. If you know anyone who is thinking about joining the army or if you know a school which invites the army in to speak to children then please direct them towards our website.




  1. Britain orders 250 more troops to Iraq to battle Islamic State Telegraph Farmer 30-06-16

    The vortex sucks for ever louder

    Did ”Islamic State” exist before Blair. Were there ‘suicide’ bombs in Hussein’s Iraq?

    And there was NO Sunni/Shia divide. One married the other with no fuss.

    Destabilisation was the central aim with Balkanization the end. Another aspect of the evil which sucks young men to serve.

  2. Nicola Beglin says:

    Brilliant work – thank you

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