IraqAhead of the publication of the Chilcot report on Wednesday, Veterans For Peace UK have released the following statement on the 2003 Iraq War and its consequences.

Whatever the Chilcot Report says, this country and its armed forces executed a war of aggression on the people of Iraq in 2003. 

In a joint enterprise with the USA, we prosecuted an occupation of Iraq that defied the Geneva conventions.

Under the Nuremberg principles, those ultimately responsible should face trial.

Whilst Tony Blair is the obvious villain and in our opinion should face a criminal investigation, it is the UK as a whole that needs to change.

Since Iraq, our forces have attacked Helmand, Libya, Iraq and Syria. We are playing a key role in the Saudi Arabian attack on the Yemen.

Our aggressive military action has led to:

  • Huge numbers of dead and injured. 
  • The destruction of vital infrastructure.
  • Environmental damage.
  • A significant rise in terrorism globally. 
  • A huge refugee crisis.

We need to accept that war is not the solution to the problems the world faces in the 21st Century.





  1. David Marchesi says:

    It will be a long battle to begin to make the guilty pay, but must be engaged for the sake of honour and future generations. Almost no effort is made to pursue the work of peace- even the Overseas aid money tends to go to prop up dependence on us (aren’t we just wonderful , generous to a fault ?) and the drumming of militarism is increasing year by year, with its message that war is o.k.
    “Turkey shoots” and drone attacks are heroic ??? “Collateral damage” may reasonably be expected, but can be ignored, above all, of course, when the killing is done from a great distance.

  2. Radfax says:

    The bottom line is for balance to be restored, this can only be brought about by the arrest, prosecution and conviction of any and all MP’s directly or indirectly involved in unlawful warfare. They have committed crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, rendition, torture and genocide. If the laws, both domestic and international are not enforced, then there is no law, just a fabricated appeasement system that deceives the people and derides justice. There can be no justification for the killing of innocent people, it is all murder. As a nation we must address the principles of integrity, decency, dignity and honour. We know that there can be no honour in the killing of innocents. We are taught that it is right and decent to uphold the peace and the law, but this principle must be led from the front. In order to restore balance and equilibrium within this country, and extending to other countries, it is our duty as a nation to bring those responsible for the above crimes, including that of murder ‘The offences against persons Act 1861’ to the rule of law. Arrest, prosecution and conviction these are the 3 steps to accountability.
    As a nation we must unite on principle and demand that the guilty are brought to justice.

    Fact based interview with Chris Coverdale, an expert on the ‘Laws of war’ including the United Nations rule book

  3. Drew says:

    Those who cause the death of innocence and the destruction of whole countries must face us. Because our taxes paid for the deaths they authorised.

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