Monday 18 July
6pm Parliament Square
Meet under the VFP Flag

The date is set. Parliament will decide on whether or not to spend £205 billion on replacing Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system, on Monday 18th July.

Trident is a militarily useless weapon of mass destruction, and we need to make sure that we get the comprehensive debate we deserve – it’s an opportunity for MPs to have a complete rethink about how Britain responds to the 21st century security threats we face. Simply replacing an extortionately expensive cold war relic will not do.

CND has called an emergency protest. Join us at 6pm outside Parliament to say Stop Trident as MPs debate the issue inside. MPs will begin debating at 3.30pm and they are set to vote at 10pm.

National Day of Action – 18th July

In addition to the emergency protest in Parliament Square, Stop Trident actions are set to take place across the country on the day of the vote. Please keep an eye on this page for further details, and please email us with details of actions you are planning.

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  1. Hugo Faltin says:

    The weapons industry wants to make money and profits no matter what.
    How about suggesting another less deadly military project as an option so they can make money but leave the business of weapons of mass destruction.
    For example the design of latest state of the art mobile field hospitals for conflict zones later possible as an export.
    At least the lunatics of the arms industry could team up with big pharma and still see big profits and with it might be weaned of their heroine addicted like plans to these obsolete mass destruction weapons. Is a type of semi humanistic methadone replacement whereby still big profits can be made but suggesting an option might be some sort of appeasement to move away from Armageddon type illusions of grandeur.
    Hell make it submersible hospitals and semi operation centers in case of global war induced pandemics. Everyone knows these a holes have been weaponizing SARS, EBOLA and worse.
    So please offer the military industry a methadone replacement , semi humanitarian logistics field hospitals, search & reconnaissance as a replacement for their suicidal projects. Just a thought.

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