Since forming Veterans For Peace UK in 2011 we have used a variety of logos. For the last twelve months we have been working on a logo that crosses borders and can be used by Veterans For Peace in any country. During development we kept in mind that the new logo should be bold, clear and be suited to multiple uses both online and offline. What follows is a history of the logos used by VFP UK since 2011 all the way through to our new logo.

In 2011 we adopted the UK Veterans badge as our symbol and subverted it with a CND “peace” logo. We figured that every UK veteran would have this badge.

We then removed the crown but due to the attachment of the clasp to the crown, this design was unworkable.

In 2012 we adopted the logo of Veterans For Peace (USA). It was seen by some as too American and by others as unrecognisable as a helmet.

In 2013 in the run up to the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War we decided to adopt the “Tommy” helmet as our symbol.

The first draft featured an Edwardian font.

We decided to use the same font as VFP USA for our logo and also accentuated the shape of the helmet.

In 2015 we created an outline logo which could be used on numerous backgrounds and adopted the colour UN Blue which is the colour hex #5B92E5.

In early 2016 we decided that whilst the “Tommy” helmet logo had served us well it was too focused on the past, too UK centric and also failed to work on multiple platforms. We looked into designing a logo that could cross borders, be recognisable to soldiers operational during the 21st century and that presented well on multiple platforms both on and offline. We started off with a generic 21st century helmet.

Because VFP is an international organisation and aims to reach veterans of all nationalities we decided that the words “Veterans For Peace” in English should be removed from our logo.

Our new logo is not confined to the English language. It reaches across borders and we invite other international chapters of Veterans For Peace to adopt this logo if they so wish. This logo is recognisable by modern soldiers and complements our statement “War is not the solution to the problems we face in the 21st century”.


  1. Davy Stephenson says:

    Many factions have used the dove right back to Egypt in their opening of the mouth ceremony, also the masonic OTO to the Catholic Church and many other religious cults.
    I like the idea of a golden star which might stands for Young Star as in youngsters, these stars are all mothers and fathers futures, please let’s not let them suffer any more for the violence of our ancestors.
    At the centre could be the letters VOP for very important people who might avoid the destruction of theirs and others futures.

  2. Graham Horne says:

    Fully support this evolutionary and extremely well thought out process. Well done to all concerned. Great Effort.

  3. George Hill says:

    I like the logo and the explanation of the decision is helpful.

  4. Phillip Clarke says:

    I like this new logo and would concur that an small enamel badge with this would be a good idea. That way I can show discreetly my support every day.

    1. admin says:

      Enamel badges on order.

      1. Phillip Clarke says:

        put me down for a handful – I have a habit of giving them away or losing them!

      2. Phil Sawford says:

        Please inform me when I can order.

  5. Wayne says:

    Love this new logo. Really makes the organisation look and feel very modern (something perhaps the old design was lacking)

    A clean simplistic design and symbol to fit in with other 21st century, logos like The Nike swoosh The Facebook F The McDonalds M.

  6. Kevin Kamali says:

    I love the effort and direction.
    As a logo designer, I appreciated the explained steps.
    However, I am not a fan of the UN, and I don’t want to see blue helmets anywhere.
    Therefore, I would prefer a color that symbolizes the soldiers.
    Perhaps even a multi-colored helmet which represents veterans of land, sky and sea.
    UN Blue is disturbing to many.

    1. kenny williams says:

      I agree drop the UN Blue for many reasons. Looks too square could do with rounding the outline more.


  7. Phil Sawford says:

    I really like this and would like to be able to purchase it as a badge, preferably with a brooch pin and not a stud as I lose these backs all the time and cannot replace them. I would also like to see it as an iron on patch or an embroidered patch. Will this be a possibilty?

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