Last weekend a number of Veterans For Peace UK members visited the new VFP base in Goffin Land, Exeter for their monthly meeting at which the Summer Camp was discussed and planned, A meal was provided for all those attending the afternoons public event, a showing of theChild Soldiers International films featuring VFP member Wayne Sharrock’s to members of the local community.

Wayne suffered shrapnel wounds to his face and shoulders after a fellow soldier stepped on a pressure pad that detonated an IED bomb in Afghanistan 2011. The films are a stark and honest account that provides insight as to what life is like in the military, why children should not be encouraged to join at 16 and the struggles individuals face when trying to reintegrate back into the society.

The film was met with much praise and attendees were struck by the aspects of military life that some had not been aware of. VFP members also spoke candidly about their own experiences and were engaged in a series of questions and answers.

Veteran’s for Peace are committed to sharing the realities and cost of war and will continue to engage in the south west, which is a highly militarised region. Veteran’s for Peace believe categorically that the military should not have access to children, but if schools insist on continuing to allow the military in, they have an obligation to give their students the opportunity to learn about the implications of war and what they may face by joining the Armed Forces, so that they are able to make an informed decision.

To get in touch with VFP in the south west please email exeter@vfpuk.org

VFP UK will be holding their Summer Camp at Goffin Land. Thursday 1 June to Sunday 4 June.


  1. Nancy Thompson says:

    Hello, I am trying to organise a talk at my son’s sixth form college about militarism & peace. Would anyone from Veterans for Peace in Exeter be willing to come to the College to talk about their experiences & provide a Q&A sessions for the students?
    Many thanks for your time,
    Nancy, from Penzance

  2. gerald conyngham says:

    Exeter Quakers are laying a white wreath with white poppies at the Remembrance service on Nov the 12th 2017 and would like to be joined by members of Veterans for Peace. If you would like to come please contact gerald conyngham, for more info.

  3. Nicola Beglin says:

    Thank you for coming to Exeter. Am glad you can make a base at Goffins. Inspired me to continue the research into military visits to schools in Exeter.

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