Director Chris Smiley and Producer Mike Hanes, an Iraq War combat veteran, challenge the glorification of war and violence in our culture while exposing the propaganda of the Miramar military air show.

This air show is one of many outlets where war and violence is given a warm, inviting, and exciting aura. The utter horror and brutality is not understood by so many. Promoting a positive image of war and violence to people, especially children, is extremely dangerous.

There is absolutely nothing cool, exciting, or heroic about ripping limbs, burning flesh, or shredding the organs of another human being. We need the public to understand the horrific nature of war and violence to be able to stand firm and vigorously question calls for war.

Mike Hanes served in Iraq with the USMC, he is a member of VFP San Diego.


  1. Con Tonge says:

    I’m remembering the ‘motto’ of the Peace Pledge Union – “Wars will end when men refuse to fight”.
    Well done VfP!
    Peace, Con

  2. I agree with Mike that we should be teaching peace, not war. As the Preamble to the UNESCO Charter states: “Wars begin in the minds of men, therefore it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”

  3. Anthony stokes says:

    War is evil and so are governments that promote it to children

  4. I agree with Mike Hanes that we should be promulgating the transformation of swords into plowshares, rather than glorifying war and all of its attendant parts.

  5. Thanks brothers and sisters for helping to promote our cause. The Miramar air show is wildly popular with 500,000 attending annually over 4 days. Our goal is to get the public thinking about what is really happening there, chipping away on the participation.



  6. Kathy Kermanidis says:

    Thank you Mike. ❤

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