Following the release of Chelsea Manning on Wednesday the Swedish chief prosecutor Marianne Ny has today decided to discontinue the preliminary investigation concerning Wikileaks editor Julian Assange.

Now that this investigation has been dropped it is only correct that the British Government allow Julian Assange to leave the Embassy of Ecuador and travel freely to a destination of his choosing.

Over the last seven years Wikileaks have published; The Iraq War Logs, The Afghan War Diaries, Collateral Murder, Cablegate and numerous other government documents that have shed light on the true nature of the wars that we fight. As a result, Wikileaks editor Julian Assange has powerful enemies around the world, none more so than the government of the United States of America.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in London said after the news was announced that it remained obliged to arrest Mr Assange should he leave the Ecuadoran embassy on a lesser charge of failing to surrender to a court. This is beyond the pale.

Julian is a fearless anti-war publisher and he remains under threat of imprisonment. Now is the time to demand his safe passage from the Embassy of Ecuador in London to a destination of his choosing.

Come to Downing Street today and demand the release of Julian Assange.


Ben Griffin is a founding member of Veterans For Peace UK


  1. Garry H says:

    Bloody Griffin`s removed the picture from this post!

  2. Garry H says:

    I remember Pamela Anderson went to see Julian not long ago…..was she in the room performing an essential to a man incarcerated in an embassy when this pic` of Julian was taken, I wonder?

  3. Garry H says:

    Julian Assange, a modern day Daniel Ellsberg! I am not fully convinced that all whistle blowers act out of sincerity and from a moralistic standpoint, but he is the real deal. he did not seek financial remuneration or the fame that has inadvertently come his way as a result (and what a price to pay if he did). The disclosers he obtained, from the infamous Apache helicopter shootings to the more recent internal workings of the US Democratic National Committee all serve the public interest and act as a much needed counterbalance to corporate media that offer the public gross distortion and misinformation. I hope that Julian will soon be permitted to leave the incarceration of the Ecuadorian embassy and be permitted to resume his life to some level of normality. To be a true patriot to any country and any cause is to be concerned about abuses of power and immoral acts and should be welcomed in the interests of preserving a true representative democracy.

  4. Andrew Roch says:

    As many have noted before, it is not a crime to expose crime. But then perhaps this is the point. By treating Assange in such a cruel fashion, the leaders of the western warstates hope to disuade others from following his example. Also one must not forget the UN ruling on his arbitrary detention and the likely large amount of compensation due (Most awkward for the UK’s austerity government to explain away whilst electioneering).

    1. Davy Stephenson says:

      It is the UN that is the problem here, their whole system is one of unelected NGO’so who are accountable to nobody.
      Their very own documented Agenda 21′ 2030 and 2050 papers are the austerity monster that we see unfolding before us and our children to come.
      Not a conspiracy but facts from their own website. Never has a conspiracy done any direct harm towards man, but the post facto justifications and indirect violence their military industrial complex points towards is quite plain to see.
      Kindness is Assange and others like him in my forms which is a way of life, not an act, but I feel his wealth might one day follow if the majority want his freedom and release.

  5. Davy Stephenson says:

    Every person should be free from opression from a state institution gone sour at its very roots, the whole notion of loyalty inquisitions is a national characteristic of the police state, not of democracy.
    Let’s talk sense to the American people, tell them the truth, that there are no gains without pains, that we are now on the eve of great decisions, not easy decisions, like resistance when you’re attacked, but a long, patient, costly struggle which alone can assure triumph over the great enemies of man, namely; war, poverty, and tyranny and the assaults upon human dignity which are the most grievous consequences of each.
    Dishonest to the point where the only truth they seek is the one truth, and the further a society drifts from the truth the more TPTB will hate those who tell it.

  6. Nikki Plummer says:

    Free Julian Assange with no further charges! Not doing so is an embarrassment to the UK and human “civilization” IMO.
    I think this man and his co workers in the Wikileaks organisation are heroes of the truth. The truth that every person should be entitled to know about.

  7. Anna says:

    Free Assange!

  8. Mariya says:

    Well done Julian. You are strong, courageous, fearless & powerful,also very bright. This is why you are a threat to the corrupt global fascism, a threat to the falshodness of U.K. & US. You are the voice of the truth that cuts through all lies . You should be so proud of yourself. In your spirit & mind you are free. The freeest spirit on planet . Shame on them , Shane on followers of Satan . You keep it going .

  9. alan Horton says:

    Well done Ben and everyone involved in this stand today, we live under a government consisting largely of poodles, “lets wait and see what happens” (Boris, to the house of commons sub committee, in relation to Trump)
    Incidently, Trump is for the death penalty in relation to “treason” he would regard Assange as such Im sure.

  10. Government and media denigrate China for silencing critics. But Julian Assange has released critical facts, not just personal opinions, and the facts expose heinous war crimes on a massive scale, not just matters of law and order in a large population. The UK and USA are not only hypocritical but behaving far more ruthlessly and lawlessly. And since the revelations are about US and UK abuses and attacks on other innocent people abroad, they have no justification. So Assange can hardly be held for contempt of court by an authority with such contempt for the law, the truth, innocent lives and moral principle, let alone conspiring to hide their felonies. And now the original charge has been dropped its was likely contrived or exaggerated in the first place and therefore non-executable.

    1. Davy Stephenson says:

      On this shrunken globe men can no longer live as strangers, we can continue to war against each other as hostile neighbors, as I am, determined not to do; or they can co-exist in frigid isolation, as we are doing. But our prayer is that men everywhere will learn, finally, to live as brothers, to respect each other’s differences, to heal each other’s wounds, to promote each other’s progress, and to benefit from each other’s knowledge.

  11. Government and media denigrate China for silencing critics. But Assange is releasing critical facts not just personal opinions, and the facts expose heinous war crimes on a massive scale, not just matters of law and order in a large population. The UK and USA are not only hypocritical but behaving far more ruthlessly and lawlessly. And since the revelations are about US and UK abuses and attacks on other innocent people abroad, they have no justification.

    1. Davy Stephenson says:

      Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse.

      Meet the men in the shadows that Julian work is not really pointing too, but the results of.

      And a musical message for the younger generation watching this window, who this very organisation is trying to protect.

  12. Sam Smith says:

    Send me info regarding any future prospects in London and south east

  13. viv says:

    want to be with you all ❤… hello from austria.
    Free Julian 🕊💕 #Assange

  14. John Thatcher says:

    Of course he should have the threat against him lifted,but he is probably safer where he is than out in the street!.My comment is intended as a condemnation of the British and US states,and not in anyway a defence of their actions.

    1. Aina Gregersen says:

      Hoped for Years !
      From Norway

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