DSEI (Defence & Security Equipment International) is the world’s largest arms fair. It allows arms buyers and sellers to network and make deals. It happens once every two years in East London.

At previous arms fairs, weapons have been for sale at the fair that contravene the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (landmines, booby traps, incendiary weapons, blinding laser weapons) and the Convention on Cluster Munitions. These are conventions that the UK is a signatory of.

Yesterday (7 Sep) veterans of the armed forces conducted a vehicle check point (VCP) on the route into the Excel Centre during the set up of the DSEi Arms Fair, in order to search for banned weapons.

Two safety teams were deployed up the road to slow down traffic for the search team and the blocking team. Within minutes a large articulated lorry approached and was brought to a halt. Police officers obstructing the veterans were challenged by members of the search team to help in the task of searching for banned weapons.

David Collins a former Captain in the Royal Marines said “based on previous arms fairs there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that banned weapons are being transported into the Excel Centre today.”

Jason Lumley a former RAF Flight Lieutenant said “If the police won’t search these vehicles for banned weapons then at the very least they should not be obstructing us from carrying out that task.”

Ben Griffin a former soldier in the Parachute Regiment said “I was tasked to conduct VCPs and search for illegal weapons on hundreds of occasions in N Ireland, why are the police stopping us from doing that very same task here in East London?”

The veterans remained in position and were continuously prevented by the police from searching for banned weapons.

The actions to Stop The Arms Fair continue this weekend. Go to Stop the Arms Fair for more information.



  1. kenny williams says:

    The above video is good A day at the Arms Fair.

  2. Garry H says:

    Correction to my last statement. Whilst I would welcome being frisked and searched by VFPUK for concealed weapons, I draw the line with that ginger man with the girlie London accent. I would not let him anywhere near my grandmother and she is no longer alive!

  3. kenny williams says:

    Funny how the “Pooh Lice” can stop and search you for NO reason yet, won`t search a lorry which could have illegal weapons inside them, mmm double standards puts them in a bad light. perhaps a letter to the Met with the video asking for a reason would be nice.

    1. Garry H says:

      Hello Kenny! How are you? Garry, USA! (Ex RAF commando)

      1. kenny williams says:

        Yeah, good gary. I`m not one for getting loads of hits on utube (should optimise them) but have a gander at this
        ps. camp fema, get out bro.

        1. Garry H says:

          Was that you then, Kenny? If so, you are correct. It is a form of conditioning isn’t it. Its why we give little girls fills to play with. The worst form of conditioning children which breads and continues division and what I see a lot of here in the US is the religious indoctorination. Take care, Kenny. Good to heat from you. We have a hurricane passing over us in South Carolina soon. PS. Tell Ben Griffin he has a voice like a trapped and desperate child and that I could take him anytime! Cheers. Garry.

  4. Garry H says:

    You can all search me for dangerous concealed weapons any time…………uhhhh….the thought of it!

  5. John Chadwick says:

    I’m VFP/Life Member living in Valencia ES; I was in Brighton U.K. (May-July) and I would have EAGERLY JOINED your ranks for this outstanding action if I were still only a couple hours away!! Greatest respect for your ‘intervention’, John Chadwick

  6. Greg Laxer says:

    A brilliant, creative, educational action!! Congrats to VFP UK for staging it!!

  7. Graham Horne says:

    Im really sorry I couldn’t get down there. This looks to be one of our best actions yet. Well done to all concerned. Gutted I missed it.

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