At our AGM we voted to develop a campaign for the United Kingdom to become a permanently neutral country.

The campaign is now in development with the aim of launching nationally in November 2018.

Information can be found on the Neutral Country website, greater detail will be published over the coming months.



  1. David Marchesi says:

    sounds a bit sexist, but can’t women see through the bluster and swagger of the military to the cruel truth beneath it ? Your son, husband, partner, etc is being brainwashed into total obedience to an Establishment with blood on its hands and no intention of promoting peace . As a sop, the invitation to “defend” (!!!) the realm is extended to women too, so that sixteen year-old girls may be invited to join an aggressive, let’s-face-it, killing machine alongside the youths. Without strong opposition, my grand-children will be infected with the increasing militarisation of life , which is a tactic by the Great and Good to enrol us all in uncritical support for overseas adventures, usually at the behest of the US. The question of killing “for Queen and Country” is systematically ignored, but should be confronted honestly, perhaps especially by women, who tend to be less violent than men.

    1. I agree, but our children’s minds have been slowly changed over the decades and more so since 2000 by video games and movies which would have Mary Whitehouse turning in her grave.
      Today’s millenials who drive the drones were trained in the art of war and in a civilian role outside of the military paradigm so they now automatically think it is normal.
      What I saw back on Digital Day was, a communist type entity and post code paradigm taking over the reins of our government, basically we were handed over way back in 1971 on Decimal Day, another stage was when Maggie Thatcher and here hidden government deregulated our money system, but most missed what was going on.
      All this is by design of course, For those mildly intested, check out the post code lottery and its label, called Sectors, its all there to be seen if you look.

  2. If anyone is interested in where our military are going they need to watch this short report.

    If they get their way, there will be no neutrality.

  3. Oh yes. What about all those jobs in the armaments industry? A study at ?Bath University showed that more jobs came from shutting down the killing and maiming machines. Even if this is not the case, the moral and legal case is overwehelming.

    1. David says:

      We are facing a mounting campaign/conspiracy to militarise the country, starting with its children. The background includes the Royals and various “defence experts” , “terrorism experts” , top cops and , naturally, top brass. They have “sexed-up” the dossier, so that, little by little , any ethical reserve about spreading death and destruction throughout the world is lost. Aggressive,mindless and heartless , “leaders ” look only at short-term excitement and -they hope- longer term profits. It is urgent to call for resistance , and this very sensible campaign will play a part.

      1. The modern war institute are preparing to create military cadets, a civilian force as powerful as the military on the onus that cities will eventually become battlefields. The French are increasing their military spending by thirty percent and talking about conscription again. I think you could say that a new cold war is well under way.

    2. I agree, but the peace time profits would go to the people who’s net gain IS peaceful profits, the remaining profiteers profit from war at our demise, big difference.

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