VFP South East are now conducting weekly meet ups/actions on Monday nights.

These are separate to the more formal monthly meetings held on the second Monday of every month in Housmans Bookshop. They serve to increase the productivity of our regional group through small weekly actions as well as increase a sense of community and group cohesion within VFP South East.

When I took the role of South East Coordinator I saw a need to bridge the long gap between the formal monthly meetings. Members work schedules within VFP South East are all different meaning some people can’t attend every monthly meeting. This could mean not seeing another member of VFP for months at a time and feeling “out of the loop”. After discussion with several members there was keen interest in more regular meet ups.

The aim of each meeting is to start with an action of at least 1 hour. This could be as simple as flyering in a busy area. This is then followed by an informal social event after the action has finished.

Over the last month we have had a lesson from member Dan Taylor on flyering then used the skills learnt to handout Neutral Country campaign cards outside London Bridge station and attended a talk from Reprieve on Drones & Assassinations organised by David Collins and Cafe Diplo.

We have more exiting and informative events coming up including; street speaking, guided tours and film nights to name a few.

We hope to see you there.

Wayne Sharrocks

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