Two approaches to grooming children for war, filmed 80 years apart.



  1. The question is, now we know how we have been dumbed down what are we going to do about it, because not all nations will adhere to peace. Right now we have forein troops working here in Britain, at our airports and the police who I call warrior cops are being militarised as we saw during the German build up to World War Two, funded by the West by names like Bush & Co.
    We have known there is no difference yet turn the eye and bow our heads into our Goggle Boxes without a second word.
    If liberty and true freedom means anything at all, it means having the right to tell others what they do not want to see.

  2. Tan Mirza says:

    We can’t be blamed for not realising the programing put out by the government through its educational indoctrination and media fabrications, the propaganda and deceptions and the occult sacrifes of so many of us over the centuries in their wars and genocides. Greek philosophy and eugenics are the main culprits.

  3. David says:

    chilling, but thanks for making the film. The spiritual/emotional slaughter of the innocents starts early,and must to be denounced
    by all who count themselves decent, non-violent people, not just parents of young children. Quite scandalous, and one pities the young soldiers who carry out the ghastly task.

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