Summary: VFP South East weekly activity and social.

Date of activity: 29/01/2018

Location of activity: London

Action: On Monday 29th Jan, members of VFP South East deployed in central London to hand out flyers. This week we tested out different locations (tube entrances, busy streets and train station entrances) to learn more about where works best. We also tried different techniques of handing out flyers from highly vocal to passive to learn more about what style of approach works best for different audiences.

Members managed to have some indepth conversations with the public about the Neutral Country campaign with some positive responses.

Social: Another great attendance. VFP SE member Danny Beever celebrated his birthday with some quality home made muffins made by new member Bat-hen. David Gee the academic writer responsible for the brilliantly written and well researched “First ambush” report also came along for a catch up.

VFP Attendance: 5
Guest Attendance: 2

Keep an eye on the events page for details of next weeks action

Name of author: Wayne Sharrocks

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