Summary: VFP SW attend “Syria, Lies and Videotape”

Date of activity: 01/02/2018

Location of activity: Frome

Main text: Members of VFP South West attended an event put on by Frome Stop War. The journalist Eva Bartlett gave her take on the recent history of the war in Syria.  There was also a guest appearance by Vanessa Beeley.

Keep an eye on the VFP UK events calendar for future activity in the South West.

Name of author: Nev Dean

Email of author:

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  1. Kudos for Vanessa Beeley and her work in Syria, two weeks ago we now have a beautiful family from Syria living in our tiny community, three small children, they lost absolutely everything, relatives, homes and other loved ones in their country due to British foreign policy, what a lot of people do not realize these policies will not stop at Syria, they will eventualy come for our children and freedoms next.

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