Date of activity: 26/02/2018

Location of activity: London

Main text: On Monday 26th Feb, members of VFP South East & members of the public went on a guided walk in Central London, led by VFP South East member James Florey. The walk concentrated on the theme of peace, protest & the power of militarism in London’s past & present.

As the weather & evening light improves going into spring more walks are planned including: ‘Rebel veterans in Clerkenwell’, & ‘The not-so Great War: the Edwardian warfare state & Edwardian radicals’. Also being planned is a walking tour of VFP actions around the capital.

Social: Members went to a local pub for a general catch up.

VFP Attendance: 7
Guest Attendance: 5

Keep an eye on the events page for details of next weeks action

Name of author: James Florey

Email of author:

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  1. Kathryn Piquette says:

    Great stuff, James! Well done on braving the cold weather all. Glad to see more walks on the menu – these looks excellent. I plan to come along when I am back in town.

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