Wednesday 14 March 1840hrs

Curzon Cinema Soho
99 Shaftesbury Ave, W1D 5DY

Andrea Luka Zimmerman’s Erase and Forget is a new investigative documentary which charts the extraordinary life and times of Bo Gritz, one of America’s highest decorated veterans and the ‘inspiration’ for Rambo and Brando’s Colonel Kurtz.

Using never before seen archive footage of covert US operations, and interviews filmed over a ten year period, Erase and Forget is a compelling inquiry into the nature of human conscience and the limits of deniability, and embodies contemporary American society in all its dizzying complexity and contradictions.

Charting ‘the deep bonds between Hollywood’s fictionalized conflicts and America’s hidden wars’, Erase and Forget provides a complex perspective of an individual and a country in crisis.

Director Andrea Luka Zimmerman and former Special Forces soldier Ben Griffin (Veterans For Peace) join us at Curzon Soho in conversation with Mia Bays of Birds Eye View after this screening of the film.


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