Date: Friday 13 April 2018

Time: 1700

Location: Downing Street, London, SW1.

Detail: VFP members will be attending the Don’t Bomb Syria protest at Downing Street.

Statement: The British Government is once again considering the use of military force against Syria.

Since 2001 we have attacked; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

We have carried out covert operations in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and numerous other countries.

Our attacks have failed, leading to the deaths of thousands, injury to thousands more, the destruction of homes and the destruction of infrastructure.

Our attacks have fueled a cycle of violence that will only be accelerated through further intervention.

Bombing Syria is not the solution to the problems we face in the 21st Century.




  1. M Weingarten says:

    Fully agree with Norman Scarth! I always heard the horror stories of world war 2 told by my grandmother and the stories of the aftermath lived through also by my parents! War and violence is not the answer and has to be avoided at any cost!!!!

  2. Connie says:

    I concur with all the above. Major Gen. Smedley Butler (at the time the most highly decorated US marine) in an 18 page speech said “War is a racket – I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was just part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it.” He showed how much each corporation was worth before the war and how their profits rocketed during and after. As Marc Dickens highlights – the goal in 2001 was 7 countries in 5 years; they’re just running a bit behind. When we have psychopaths and homicidal maniacs pulling the strings with their flood of corporate media backing up the brainwashing objective they are literally getting away with murder and it’s not just the Middle Easterners in their sights.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Until enough of us speak out & get active – like Veterans For Peace do – I fear the powers-that-be will ignore reason & brush aside everything that stands in their way.
    War is an outdated method to be consigned to history. More so it’s also illegal.
    Good luck to all on today’s demo.

  4. Ruth Pilkington says:

    It’s interesting that so many of the voices now raised in protest are in their 90s. These are the voices of people who have seen war in all its horrors. I am of that vintage and would wish to join with you in protest and plead “Listen and learn: war is not the way to go.”
    I am with VFP in spirit and wish I could join their protest today.

  5. Marc Dickens says:

    How many people must die so that the US and UK can remove another leader of a country that does not kowtow to their demands. The new trait in politics is for politicians to voice unproven or false accusations and even when proved wrong they still twist the truth to suit their immorality. Remember politicians create wars, it is the people who pay with their lives.

    Look at the timings of all these so called chemical attacks, always when Assad and Russia have won a battle and retaken an area, why would they shit in their own nest.

    Re Kenny, also google Gen Wesley Clark (Ret) 7 countries in 5 years

    I live in Indonesia so can not unfortunately attend the protest but I will be there is spirit.

  6. linda weir says:

    SYRIANS HAVE BEEN BEGGING FOR OUR HELP FOR MANY YEARS, THEY Are a devastated nation and need recovery and kind help. We have ignornored their pleas for this time, We cannot now bomb this country. Don’ t bomb Syria. or anywere else

  7. linda weir says:


  8. Garry H says:

    Oil, and gas, and geopolitical access to pipe lines for critical energy needs……the usual suspects! Russia and China remerge as villans disguised in veild credible threats to Western interests but in reality, is probably linked to the coming demise of the Petro Dollar as the Chinese look set to take over the global reserve currency that can also be converted to gold. Perhaps we are seeing the begings of a new balance of power and mighty America in her death throws?

  9. Jeff Allen says:

    I’ll be there

  10. Ahmad Akkad says:

    There are several reasons for such an attack which have become crystal clear to everybody with a sound mind.
    Like Obama, Trump does not want to pull his troops back empty handed with the possibility of feeling the taste of defeat before the world that considers the US the most powerful.
    By the same token, the ties between the US and the Gulf countries are basically based upon MONEY. Those countries have a bad stance towards Assad when he described them as “half-men” earlier in 2006, I believe. Trump is delighted to take revenge on their behalf by being paid billions of dollars which was especially observed in Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia. He convinces the Arabians to overthrow the Syrian Regime through words and he takes money for this. Had he really been serious about it, we would have seen Assad’s destiney as Qaddafi’s and Saddam Hussein’s.
    Finally, do not forget about the arm race between Uncle Same and the Russian Bear by showing up on the Syrain land, unfortunately.
    It is just a play on the Syrian Theatre and we are only the actors!

  11. Kenny Williams says:

    “project for a new American century” Google it, you will see this is all planned years ahead. The globalists want to draw Russia and China into a third world war Iran will be the next “regime” to overthrow. The UK is run by psychopaths that lie and have no interest in their country. How is bombing Syria in our interests?

    1. Garry H says:

      Kenny, you old perv’ how are ya!
      Yes, anyone who reads ‘Rebuilding American Defenses’ the PNAC’s blue print for preemptive U.S. ‘full spectrum dominace’ and collective hegogomany, will clearly see this new vision laid out for them in ink (it was a real document) with numerous countries within their desired remit including Iraq and Syria including domiance of all known oil and gas reserves. Many people who were in the Bush Administration were cosigners (including well known ones like Wolfowitz, Cheney, Bolton (who is back again) Pearl, Rumsfeld). President Clinton was also relentlessly lobbied by them to take military action against Iraq in his second term. The most striking statement in that document was the profetic statement that admitted their objectives would be difficult to enact ‘absent some cataclysmic event like a new Pearl Harbour’. 12 months later, and with the 1st US election to be decided by the US Supreme Court, the ‘ new Pearl Harbour’ arrived and the rest is very sad modern history. Take care, Kenny, you scrote sack! Garry H, USA.

    2. Garry H says:

      Vital energy requrments, Kenny, is the interest for the UK. Did you know the UK has been close from running out of gas reserves in the recent past? Can you inaguns the outcry if the that happened? I think Gazprom supplies much UK gas. I am not entirely clued up on the gen’ with this, but I am sure Russian interests are probably not in sinc with ours or Assad’s and the alliances he has formed regarding oil and gas pipe line transit routes. I also think the Petro Dollar is on the way out as China sets to step on as global reserve currency leader with new alliances again being formed, Iran for example have dropped the USD. 9 billion people in this crowded planet, all need space, food, energy….the planet can not sustain us. If it’s not oil or gas, other resources will be in huge demand, like water. Oil will run out eventually anyway, then what will we do?

  12. Don’t bomb Syria

  13. Robert Sheridan says:

    The Billionaires who stand to make millions out of war,
    Are the usual suspects, Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch,….
    Genie Energy have been awarded the drilling rights in Syria
    Check who’s on the board in the link

  14. Mick Cave says:

    You can let number 10 know your opposition by filling out the form on their website
    Only takes a moment pass it on.

  15. Allan Graham says:

    This poem says it all.

    God Must Be American by Allan Graham

    God must be American – Our Saviour and our Guide
    He led us to these blessed shores to commit His genocide
    Sixty millions natives we slaughtered with His hands
    Sixty million lies we told to steal their sacred lands

    God must be American – He gave His only Son
    So we might spread His peace and love with a Bible and a gun
    Betray our sons and daughters to conquer foreign parts
    Destroy young minds; Create new thoughts; Plant murder in their hearts

    God must be American – He’ll wash our sins away
    Cleanse the road to Empire for the good old USA
    Save the souls we slaughter. Seat them by His throne
    To gaze in silent suffering at the misery we’ve sown

    God must be American – the Resurrection and the Light
    He leads us through the Promised Lands with His military might
    We drink His blood and eat His flesh as the ancient scriptures tell
    But fail to see the Devil’s plan in His Eucharist of Hell

    God must be American – He’ll forgive us of our sins
    Wipe away the wrongs we’ve done, let us start again
    The Devil grinned and shook His head
    You’ll walk this World no more
    You have eternal Death with me; You craved eternal war
    You closed your minds; Rejected love; Ignored the children’s cries
    Gorged on greed; Digested drugs; Adorned your bodies with my lies
    But as God died, a Spirit shone, saying,
    ‘Let My Truth be known
    Learn to love each others’ souls
    And you shall be reborn!’

  16. Eddie Carroll says:

    I think Vicky Moller’s comment on 2+2 is so apt. And no, people can’t add up anymore. Independent thought has been subverted by the very people we elect to Parliament and their mainstream media friends. Red line crossed by chemical warfare, really? So its not a red line if you bomb the crap out of them or send in a drone or two as a wedding spoiler? I believe they call it “bugsplat” these days. On ye go lads and lasses. Wish I could be there with you but its a wee bit of a long journey from northern Scotland. I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

  17. I am a 92 year old veteran of the Arctic Convoys of World War 2, who has seen war at its worst. What a tragedy that Britain, USA & other Western countries are still ruled by bloodthirsty war-mongers.
    Now living in Ireland, regret I cannot physically attend the ‘DON’T BOMB SYRIA’ protest in Downing Street, but I am doing all I can to oppose the war-mongers via the internet.

  18. vicky moller says:

    totally agree, and the civil war was ending exactly when this new on war on Syria by the West was declared. Can people not put 2+2 together?

  19. John says:

    If they insist on bombing Syria and parliament and the public support it then they also better be prepared to accept and support the further refugees it will create on top of the already millions of displaced people the previous campaigns have caused.

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