On Friday 13 April members of Veterans For Peace deployed to Downing Street to oppose the expected bombing of Syria by the UK. The banner Never Again was unfurled in front of the gates and traffic in and out was stopped for some time. We then joined the main protest organised by Stop the War.

The bombing occurred that very night without a parliamentary discussion, let alone a vote.

Since 2001 we have attacked; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. We have carried out covert operations in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and numerous other countries. Our attacks have lead to the deaths of thousands, injury to thousands more, the destruction of homes and the destruction of infrastructure. Our attacks have fueled a cycle of violence that will be prolonged by  further violent intervention.

Bombing Syria is not the solution to the problems we face in the 21st Century.

VFP UK is working on a campaign to make the UK a permanently neutral country. We aim to launch the campaign in November 2018. Becoming permanently neutral will prevent our government from launching attacks on other countries in the future.

To sign up to the neutral country campaign please visit


  1. Garry H says:

    ‘In the final annaylsis, our most basic, common link is that we all inhabit this small planet, we all breath the same air, we all cherish our children’s futures, and we are all mortal.’ President Kennedy, 1963, less than 6 months before his murder, The American University ‘Peace Speech’ .

  2. Marc Dickens says:

    Neutrality is a great objective, being Australian I believe that Australia should also be neutral, in all of our history we have always fought and died for other country’s wars. After WWII we became embroiled in US wars that were all based on lies and even with the knowledge that we went to war on lies our government still continue to do so.

    Before this recent Syria bombing many NATO countries decided not to join the attack, after the attack they said well done, this has got to stop, there must be condemnation and not praise given in order for these crimes to stop.

    Well done VFP for your stand

  3. Great work VFP UK. The US continues to engage in it lawless conduct in violation of our constitution, UN Charter and the Kellogg Briand Treaty. Somehow the US and it allies believe invading more countries, dropping more bombs and killing innocent civilians in Muslim countries is the path to a safe world. It reality the US with 5% of the world’s population wants to continue its access to and use of 40% of the world’s resources.

  4. Wally Kennedy says:

    Good to meet some of you guys at the Lobby. Nothing but admiration for your courage in standing out against the culture of bombing and war. As usual the vast majority of casualties are civilians and the cycle of hatred is kept spinning. For what?
    I am a former councillor and for the past 20 years in particular I have been able to help many former Services Personnel, not least the ones whose minds are destroyed by their experiences.
    Keep up the good work and the struggle for human solidarity and the unity of ordinary workers across the world – to build a decent future for all … in peace.

  5. Paul Bickerstaff says:

    Any form of voilance against people and countries in the name of peace or the defence of a country againts future attacts is the biggest lie in recent history that goverments from around the world have used to justify warmongering. But to take a stand for peace against a well entrenched mindset and to tell people the truth about war and wake up a nation to stand against war. And instead stand for peace is a very noble cause indeed.

  6. Eddie Carroll says:

    Well done. Humbled. Syria now sanitized. So that’s alright then.
    Watch the MSM onslaught in backing Gov’t action. Interesting to hear what is said in today’s Parliamentary debate. Suspect few will directly oppose the bombing – more likely whataboutery on the lack of a vote.
    Arms, oil and profit – need I say more?

  7. David Marchesi says:

    the level of hysteria whipped up by a thoroughly murdochised media is approaching that of the days of the Boer War, WW1 and (once “we” were in it fully) WW2 .
    As Mrs Thatcher knew, nothing like a nice little “conflict” to distract from domestic ills- and as so many of the top chaps and chappesses claim to be Christian, the Falklands thin must have seemed god-sent. All critical faculties are lost as “we” beat the drums. That is, if the typical media-soaked mind has developed such faculties.Hard to believe that so many really quite nice people are so susceptible- in my view, they are sucked in by the tired old claptrap of “racism” : English folk are automatically better than anyone else (it’s called narcissism, of course, and does shade into a sort of nazism)
    Killing people is wrong used to be a sort of “commandment”, and it doesn’t take more than common decency to see that sending other people’s children overseas to kill people few could even place on a map is not nice. Especially if sent by the current emotionally retarded “leaders” . Blair should be tried, and now May and Johnson : their treason to the country is at least as flagrant as that of Charles I …
    Once it becomes the “new normal”, hysteria is hard to root out. Let’s keep calm and try to help our fellow subjects of Her Majesty to see the danger they’re in.

  8. Adrian says:

    I was at the demonstration on Friday. Your guys were incredible. The sheer power and determination. By far the most powerful demonstration there. Real heroes.

    Please send my heartfelt thanks to them all. Strong proud and brave the absolute antithesis of the scumbag cowards who sent them to war.

    Keep up the great work. True heroes thank you.

  9. Danny says:

    I can’t think of a time that the use of bombs has ever solved problems. In fact, in my opinion, the use of bombs has only ever created problems.

    As we now know, the bombings that our government were threatening to carry out occurred that very night. They were carried out without a parliamentary vote.

    We, in Britain, live in a democracy. Should our ruling party have the right to bomb other countries without the vote of the MP’s that we have voted in to represent us?

    We are no longer a world power. Our archaic empire faded long ago. We should no longer (and never should have in the past) be interfering in the affairs of other nations.

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