1. Heather Speight says:

    We hope very much that members of V for P will come along to this film. It’s a thoughtful and inspiring account, and it would be great to share it with some of you!
    Some free seats available too! phone 07876747186)
    Heather x
    (Movement for the Abolition of War)

  2. David Marchesi says:

    it seems that the country is being infiltrated/taken over by the Yanks, where the essentially insane ambition to “Rule the World” dominates official circles.The Third Reich was , we thought, utterly inhuman, but, in a less condensed form, its madness is displayed constantly by the US Establishment ( with the UK Toffs as cheerleaders) whose collective paranoia /narcissism of is perhaps unprecedented, even exceeding that of rulers of an Empire where the blood never dried (see John Newsinger’s book)

  3. Garry H says:

    If the United States of America, my home and new adopted country, devoted more tax Dollars do social uplift and not a whopping $600 billion to the ‘defense’ budget, the nation citizenry would be far better off for it. We may even be able be like the rest of the developed.world and have single payer, universal health care!

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