By David Collins

How we were before we joined
was no different from the rest.
for if a man needed a reason it was us;
poor work, bad pay, too old for home, no escape.

But then you should have seen us at the camp;
smart, strong, high on respect;
raring, primed for war;
and that is what we got.

What it was then to return alone,
the regiment following later;
for I was blue on blue, mad as march
“with respect, Sir, no hands no feet”

but as I always say – they’ll not be lining streets;
not for me, not at Wootton Bassett.

David Collins served with the Royal Marines and is a member of VFP UK.

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  1. Tom Murphy says:

    Always been true. Well stated

  2. Eric Smith says:

    Very powerful comment that deserves to be shared widely.

  3. Chas says:


  4. David Marchesi says:


  5. David Marchesi says:

    thank you for a moving poem – let’s hope decency and kindless will win one day . We shall overcome.

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