On Saturday 29th September three members of VFP UK and a VFP supporter from Frome Stop War attended the ‘Longleat Military Spectacular’

This event allows the public to handle and inspect weapon systems from a Glock pistol up to and including AS90 & Challenger II. The event is described by Longleat as child friendly.

VFP engaged with military personnel principally questioning was it right to allow such young children to be playing with weapon systems that are designed to kill.

VFP UK postcards were handed out to the public and left on military stands until the general manager of Longleat Estates (with security) told us if we continued our actions we would be asked to leave the grounds. We peacefully complied with their request.

The Armed Forces are struggling with recruitment so expect more events like this. War is not family entertainment.

Nev Dean served in the British Army and is a member of Veterans For Peace.


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