Dennis Stout reveals the brutal reality of the war in Vietnam.

Dennis was the first infantryman during the war in Vietnam to report war crimes. In spite of signed confessions from eleven members of his unit the Army took no action.

Dennis will be speaking at our Annual Public Conference which is on Saturday 10 November at Friends House during our Annual Gathering.

Dennis Stout served in the US Army in Vietnam, he is a member of VFP and will be speaking at our Annual Public Conference.

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  1. Rob Tarn says:

    This is terrible, i knew there were US sanctioned atrocities, just never knew how bad. Thanks for sharing.

  2. David Marchesi says:

    We need to get across the vital message that the “bad apple” myth is enough to invalidate criticism of militarism and of acts of war. Soldiers( of all countries, I guess) are to obey orders without question and this includes committing war crimes, in practice. The brass and their political bosses always get off the hook even on the rare occasion when the public is alerted. People just can’t accept that “our boys” are capable of bad behaviour, even less that the officer class is largely peopled by Toffs, whose values are simply not those of the general public. Yet.
    The slogan “we’re all in this together ” has had more success in brainwashing us than any advertising ditty. “We” are human beings before being English, Scottish etc and we, the people, have a class enemy. Pretending otherwise inevitably leads to atrocities by professionals who are “only doing their job”.
    We are witnessing a massive indoctrination campaign by the hate- and war-mongers in this country, and the testimony of Mr Stout will help us each to counter the sneaky lies and half-truths of the Establishment.

  3. Marc Dickens says:

    The My Lai Massacre was but one of many covered up until a journalist released the My Lai crime, and once again the Court Marshal was a farce, a typical American side show.

    Also read about the man who stopped it.

    Crimes still occur as in the Iraq collateral damage video and covered up and the perpetrators go unpunished, and the general staff make excuses. I have watched the video a dozen times and I still fail to see how a well trained helicopter crew with the best equipment money can buy can mistake a news camera with an RPG and why they didn’t question why others in the group weren’t armed to protect the group.

    The Pentagon has grown wiser and refuse access to journalists to the battlefield, instead they get their daily briefings back at HQ, so crimes are reported by whistleblowers who are persecuted and prosecuted instead of the criminals.

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