1. Homa Monfared says:

    The Young soldiers should always ask if the leaders who orders these wars are going to send their sons and daughters to be killed in the war they should go first, and if this war is defensive or is in another Country for stealing the resources which almost always is! so why are you going to kill another human being?

  2. Mel Richards says:

    Very well done to everyone who took part.

  3. les havell says:

    the bugler brought tears to my eyes …. glad to see so many people there ….. copied video to … “” MINDS.COM “” …. hope it gets more veterans to join

  4. David Westgate says:

    A very moving event as well as a necessary one: yes, a privilege to take part in. Great to see so many vets from other countries taking part this time.

  5. Angela Kenny says:

    It was a privilege to walk behind you, once again, and quietly support all that you stand for. Your dignity and how you hold yourselves is both moving and admirable. We were delighted that this year you were able to take your rightful place directly in front of the cenotaph memorial and add the wreath of white poppies to the sea of red. My only regret is that people were not able to hear the spoken and sung tributes, which were so appropriate and honest. Thank you for your courage once again.

  6. David Longley says:

    Wonderfully done. I’m just sorry I couldn’t be with you. Next year perhaps?

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