H-Hour Podcast: Ben Griffin (VFP / 2 Para / SAS) and Hugh Keir (H-Hour / 3 Para) discuss the “War on Terror” from the point of view of soldiers deployed “on the ground”.

They talk tactics, ethics, the rules of engagement and ask the question “what did we achieve?”


  1. Gerry Osborne (Mr) says:

    Right and wrong (morality).
    It’s my opinion that this issue is established in a person very early in life and it happens from the example made by the people in the parental role in our early lives. I had a very religious upbringing, conduct was determined by what was right or wrong. Others might learn what is acceptable and what isn’t, you could even get the example of what you can get away with. All are variations of morality and so the pattern assimilated in childhood is the guide of adult behaviour. So there are a range of attitudes among soldiers. But when soldiers are trained the emphasis is to suppress the sense of morality and follow instructions. It’s complicated.
    I lost confidence in my position as a soldier when I realised that captured enemy were dying as a consequence of torture. During WW2 captured senior German staff officers were detained in a fairly luxurious country house with staff to see to all their needs, and then left with absolutely nothing to do. The house was bugged and British intelligence listened to the conversations sprung from boredom. It seems to me that there are areas of military activity that are driven by an absence of thought.

  2. Andrew Tyler says:

    Very interesting. I thought at first that some preparation was lacking, then I realised that both of them were thinking as they were speaking and that there was no script. This made sense so I watched it all the way through. Thanks to both guys for taking the time to air their views.

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