Members of Veterans For Peace will be at this festival in Bristol on Saturday 27 April and will take part in:

VFP Stall
10.30am-4.30pm, M Shed BS1 4RN

Veterans panel on PTSD
10.30am-4.30pm, M Shed BS1 4RN

Screening of the film War School, Q&A with VFP.
Time and venue TBC.


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  1. David Marchesi says:

    I hope VFP will post notes on the events, as they sound interesting. Not sure of the exact subject of the “Colour Chart for killing” , but readers may be interested in Michael Fuller’s recent book “Kill the Black One First”, on policing in the UK.
    I read once that the US forces surveyed the attitudes of troops to killing the enemy ,and found that killing Japs was many times more “acceptable” than killing Germans- not too surprising, given the circumstances, but showing that White racism is a useful ally in brainwashing both servicemen and the general public. The Japanese imperial enterprise was not essentially different from the Raj, or, say, the US invasion of the Philippines in 1899. The enemy is racism, usually combined with militarism, neither wanting to admit its negative effects on humankind. We seem now to have forgotten how these mental illnesses can spread so quickly. Few advocate kindness, generosity and decency as antidotes- it is easier ,I suppose, to door say nothing while the nasties rule the roost.
    I wish the VFP stall and actions every success in Bristol.

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