Date: Thursday 18 April
Time: 1800hrs
Location: St Thomas Hospital Gardens, SE1 7EP

Guided walk led by VFP James Florey taking in locations revealing the history of British women and their wide ranging interaction and involvement with war.

Meet in St Thomas Hospital Gardens under the VFP flag to begin the walk at 1800hrs.

VFP members to wear VFP blue.

The walk is open to the public, unfortunately the route of one mile is not wheelchair friendly.

We will finish in The Chandos pub at 1930hrs.

Phone Inquiries: James Florey 07709 855175
Email Inquiries: Addrienne Beever southeast@vfpuk.org


  1. Lyndsay Burtonshaw says:

    Dear Veterans for Peace,
    Thank you for the amazing work you do. A colleague at Quaker Peace and Social Witness was just telling me about this amazing tour, and I’d love to know if you had any more planned soon, as I’d love to come.
    In Friendship

  2. Norman Scarth says:

    I do not like the sound of this at all. The title, “Women In War” smacks of the glorification of war, & we get far too much of that already, from the British Legion & such bodies.
    It is the complete opposite of the ethos of Veterans for Peace.
    What sites will it be visiting? I sincerely hope it will not include the ‘Monument to the Women of World War II’, close by the Cenotaph in Whitehall? ‘Monuments to the Gullible’ would be more apt title for each of them.
    Perhaps I have got it wrong, & the walk is celebrating women’s OPPOSITION to war? If that be the case, then surely that should be indicated in the title?

    1. James says:

      Really pertinent point Norman.
      As you know VFP UK continually ‘raises the awareness of the cost of war’. The experience of war is gradually slipping from individual & collective memory in the UK. Yet leaders continue to persue militaristic policies. It’s therefore crucial that new generations are allowed access & an understanding of why peace is crucial, what it costs & why/how humans orgsnise against it.
      The history of women in war AND peace is covered on this particular walk. Great peacemakers & war resisters have their stories told.
      Just as day follows night the story of women in war is also the story of women as peacemakers & war resisters. It’s yet to be fully documented, told, learnt & ingrained into individual & collective psyche/memory. Walking tours help to uncover some physical history – using landmarks (big & small) as backdrops to forgotten stories. To understand the actions of women like Sylvia Pankhurst or Emily Hobhouse there must also be an understanding of what it was they were against.
      This walk therefore offers a different, refreshing & challenging way to regard that old story of bombast, misery, destruction & man’s inhumanity to humanity. It is the story of women in war.

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