Date: Sunday 10 November 2019

Meeting time: 1300

Meeting point: Whitehall Place, SW1.

Bag Drop: 1200hrs
Secure bag drop available from 12 Midday at The Marquis Pub, 51-52 Chandos Pl, WC2N 4HS.

Meeting point: 1300hrs
Gather to form up at 1300hrs in Whitehall Place. Nearest tube stations are Charing Cross, Embankment or Westminster.

The walk to The Cenotaph: 1315hrs
Never Again banner at the front, wreath carried directly behind. Remainder in threes, bugler in the last row. VFP banner at the rear. All supporters follow behind the VFP column. Followers are not to enter the Cenotaph cordon or distract VFP members during the ceremony.

The Ceremony:1330hrs
VFP line up within the cordon facing The Cenotaph in the position of attention.
Jim Radford to sing the song “1916”.
TBC to read the Poem “Suicide in the Trenches”.
TBC to lay the wreath of red and white poppies.
Bugler to play “The Last Post”.
One minute of silence.
Bugler to play “Reveille”.

The walk back to Whitehall Place: 1345hrs
VFP banner at the front.
Remainder in threes, bugler in the last row.
Never Again banner at the rear.
All supporters follow behind the VFP column.

VFP members: VFP UK sweatshirt, shirt, black tie, dark trousers / skirt, dark shoes, poppy of choice.

Followers: Dressed for a funeral, wearing Never Again clothing would be appreciated.

This is a solemn act of remembrance, no other banners, placards, symbols or megaphones.

Afternoon Social: 1400hrs
The Marquis Pub 51-52 Chandos Pl, WC2N 4HS

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  1. Gerry Osborne says:

    Having ENJOYED another long wait in Whitehall as that cold wind gradually sapped the heat out of us I am convinced that the sweater we wear is not the right garment for the job. Since the majority of events we attend are outdoor I want to provoke a discussion on what will make a suitable garment to present VFP to the public while providing appropriate weather protection for the wearer.
    I seek input from as many corners as possible and hope this will point us in the right direction.
    Cheers guys & girls

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