Veterans for Peace, Ken Mayers (82) and Tarak Kauff (77) are being punished by the Irish state without trial. They are charged with a minor misdemeanor for having entered Shannon Airport on St. Patrick’s Day to stand up for Irish Neutrality and search a United States warplane. For that they were imprisoned for 12 days and then strict bail conditions were imposed including the confiscation of their passports.

For over 200 days they have been held hostage in Ireland without being found guilty of any offence. Their actual trial could be 2 or even 3 years away. This scandal must be stopped. It is time people started communicating with Charlie Flanagan’s Justice office to demand that these two elderly men be allowed to go home until their trial.

Have no fear they will return to prove that what they did was justified, because War is the Crime.

Email Charlie Flanagan:


  1. Diana Parkin says:

    Apalling of the “free state” to behave in this way
    They are doing what is right
    best wishes

  2. Fiona Gallagher says:

    Tarak and Ken,
    I am sorely ashamed of those bloody Clowns in Dublin taking away your liberty for doing what is right and true.
    The muppets in Dáil Éireann that believe this is a just way of dealing with your protest should take a look back at our history and see that we, as a nation, are a people who stand proud and have fought and protested against all manner of inequality, injustice and wrongful happenings.
    To think as an Irish woman, that they in power in the free state can treat you like that. I am heartily ashamed and saddened that it’s being done. Not in my name !!
    Goes to prove that everyone has their price. And allowing Shannon airport to be used and be complicit in the process of bloody wars is prime example of the elite getting their pay off.
    I stand in support of you both. If their is a sliver of sense and decency in these people, they will give you back your passports and allow you back home.

  3. Gerry Osborne says:

    A very eloquent statement of the “freedom” of the west. We are all held captive slaves of the war business. Robbed with taxes to finance the business that controls us.

    1. Fiona Gallagher says:

      Exactly Gerry!
      Of all nations to behave like this, the very nation that has had slaughter , war , starvation and foreign occupation foisted on it. Jesus it makes my blood boil. I live in the north of Ireland and I know all too bloody well the outcome of Dublin’s sell out ways. I may stop before I rant for Ireland!!

  4. john tymon says:

    From: john tymon
    Sent: 23 October 2019 15:10
    To: ; Richard Boyd Barret TD
    Subject: Irish for or Against Peace

    Dear Charles

    I have lived in London as an Irish economic refugee for just over 52 years, and have been generally proud of my roots and my fellow migrants in the UK who stood alongside our Jewish friends when they came under attack from the Fascists in London in 1936 and together we defeated the fascists. We stood up for ourselves when the “No Dogs or Irish Allowed” campaign by British racists made it neigh impossible to find accommodation whilst homes were empty, we stood by the Windrush migrants when they were attacked by English racistsm and many other instances where we stood for justice, when the state we paid our tax to failed us.

    But now I am shocked and ashamed to see that the Irish Government that grew from the sacrifices of our generation and the generations before us, appears to lack the moral fibre that was part on the DNA of every Irish man & every Irish woman for hundreds of years.

    Today I read that two peace campaigners of my generation Ken Mayers (82) and Tarak Kauff (77) representing Veterans for Peace, are under attack in Ireland for their peace activities. We Irish people know only too well that Justice must me fought for & that bad laws preventing genocide to other people must be opposed. Generations who brought freedom & comparative peace to our land have never been able to forget those sacrifices – that other humans beings – men Women and children might live.

    You are not required to side with USA & British Imperialist interest who lied & cheated all of humanity to get their soldiers back into the dirt of desert to gain control of rich oil fields. We as well as millions of Irish people at home & abroad expect you to maintain Irish neutrality. This is not our war, the USA & British war & killing machines must not be made welcome in Ireland, and its parliament must not prosecute peace campaigners in the false flag of alleged Justice. You make all Irish people who fail to stand up to your cowardise feel guilty of injustice.

    These good old men who I identify with are hostages in Ireland as Julian Assange is in England who have not been found guilty of any offence. Is it true that their trial could be 2 or even 3 years away ? Is this Irish justice?

    I ask you to end this shameful situation. Show respect for these men of good will & return to them their freedon to travel. Americans too want to know what is being done to thousands of men, women & children across the world in their name.

    john tymon

  5. Tarak Kauff says:

    Thanks VFP UK! Appreciate the friendship and solidarity and please be sure, that friendship goes both ways.

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