Veterans For Peace UK Southeast are organizing a public outreach event in support of Julian Assange on 20 February 20.  We will be meeeting at Nelson’s Column on Trafalgar Square at 4:30pm and will move directly to Downing Street.  The event is intended to show support for Julian Assange and his attempts to promote transparency in government, a necessary component in any free society.  The event will be in solidarity with a week of actions scheduled from February 24th onward demanding his release and to block his extradiction to the United States.  Members of the public are welcome to join us.


  1. Steve Cleary says:

    With you all in spirit. Sydney Australia and “Hats Off” to Norman Scarth for his comment👍👍

  2. Gerry Osborne (Mr) says:

    I will definitly be with you in spirit, it’s just that public transport knocks the crap out of me. Is the event being run in conjunction with any other groups? A big turnout does make a difference.

    1. National Coordinator says:

      Wendy has let other Free Julian Assange activists know about our event, and we hope to be joined by others.

  3. Paul Steele says:

    Above the Magna Carta at the British Library is a notice stating “No free man shall be seized or imprisoned.,. except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.” Beneath should be another notice stating “… unless you are Julian Assange.”

  4. Norman Scarth says:

    Regret that my age (94), & my location (Ireland) means I am not able to attend any events in England, but I offer my wholehearted support for any action to secure the release of Julian Assange.
    A veteran of the Arctic Convoys of World War 2, not until the age of 70 did I discover that Britain was not the land I THOUGHT I was fighting for all those years ago, that corruption is rampant in Orwellian Police State Britain.
    Like Julian Assange, I became a whistle-blower, & suffered much potentially lethal persecution because of it, until, much belatedly, I accepted that Britain is not a safe place for those who tell the truth, &, at the age of 86, managed to flee the land of my birth for safety in Ireland.
    The continuing persecution of Assange, is from pure spite, & shows as plain as day that Britain has neither the ‘Rule of Law’, ‘Human Rights’, or any semblance of humanity.

    1. Andrew Tyler says:

      I’d like to copy a.link and also copy and paste Norman’s reply. Would that be ok?

      1. Norman Scarth says:

        OK by me Andrew.
        Norman Scarth

    2. David Lawrence says:

      Norman Scarth. My hat is off to you. Sorry that you have to leave your land of birth, shows how Ireland has progressed and UK has regressed.


  5. Martin Davey says:

    Get in!

  6. Martin Davey says:

    Mint im in

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