By Bill Green

“Army adverts tend to prey on peoples’ insecurities and they also fail to mention the many downsides of becoming a soldier.
My goal was to highlight these problems and to remind people that joining the army is a massive commitment.  I hope to influence people to look at how Army adverts are overly attractive, especially to an extremely young audience.” – Bill Green, artist, student, concerned human being @___impactdesign___

Message from VFP UK – Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Bill for contacting us and his willingness to share his works, which correspond to issues that deeply align with our mission and goals as an organization. People deserve to know the truth before they enlist, and military recruiters and adverts should be legally obligated to fully disclose all potential outcomes of joining the military.  We will be sharing Bill’s poster series over the next week, to be followed with two short videos to be posted to our VFP UK YouTube channel.

Be informed before you join!

P.S.  We received some feedback that including percentages of increased risk was confusing for some.  As a result, the full series (including the poster from Series 1) has been amended to make it more clear who is at more increased risk.  Unfortunately, most research does not look at the impacts of military service on women, as there are fewer women serving in the military in relation to men and researchers find it difficult to conduct studies as a result.  The reality is that despite what researchers may or may not be able to study, women are also at risk when joining the military.  It is also helpful for concerned members of the public to do their own research on these topics.  Just know that results vary drastically based upon age and other demographics.  And, that some members of the military may do “alright” through the course of their service does not mean that there aren’t other reasons to be concerned about the military’s impact on the environment, destruction of foreign countries, murder of civilians, and being used to make arms dealers around the world very, very, rich – off of the backs of the taxpaying public.

Stay tuned to vfpuk.org for more information about these and other important topics.

“War Is Not The Solution To The Problems We Face In The 21st Century”


  1. David westgate says:

    Another valuable study. The detail in the focuses proposed seem to me to be significant.

  2. Alan Cheshire says:

    Been through the system at the Guards Depot pirbright as a junior soldier, back in the 1970s seen to many of my fellow junior dead or in a bad way.

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