“The government has quietly drawn up proposals to lend other countries £1bn of public money so that they can buy British-made bombs and surveillance technology.” – by Jamie Doward


  1. james Smith says:

    I’m afraid this is only scratching the surface, have a listen to Gordon Bowden ‘Finchley Road’ on line. He is a former RAF Engineer and what this man has uncovered over 15 years or so with concrete evidence in hand is staggering to the point of realising that the establishment of this country are vile no empathy for no one, we are governed literally by the biggest criminals on earth, its all there this man has the evidence to prove it. Sadly Gordon passed away recently however his legacy lives on, ‘Pandora’s Box investigations’ is now run by some of Gordon’s colleagues. Please have a look and help to take it further, the biggest threat this country faces is from the one’s who are in charge, If someone out there carries some clout then use it!.

  2. David Westgate says:

    Well done for highlighting this shameful policy.
    Yes, let’s hope another government will get rid of it.

  3. David Marchesi says:

    Sadly, the recent defeat of the Labour Party means the prospect of a Minister for Peace and Disarmament* is remote. Yet every decent person must see the need to change the current war-mongering “normal”, with its dirty tricks and dangerous alliances, to a peace-making role for the UK (see your 50p coin issued for Brexit for a declaration of peace to the world. The Great and Good don’t mean it, of course, but it’s there on the coin of the realm !)
    * currently the task is to see that the new leadership of the Labour Party retains the “shadow ministry”

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