“Rates of alcohol misuse are considerably higher in the UK armed forces than in the general population. Young age is particularly associated with alcohol misuse in the UK armed forces.”

Abu-Hayyeh R,
Singh G. Adverse health effects of recruiting child soldiers. BMJ Paediatrics Open 2019;3:e000325. doi:10.1136/ bmjpo-2018-000325

By Bill Green

“Army adverts tend to prey on peoples’ insecurities and they also fail to mention the many downsides of becoming a soldier.
My goal was to highlight these problems and to remind people that joining the army is a massive commitment.  I hope to influence people to look at how Army adverts are overly attractive, especially to an extremely young audience.” – Bill Green, artist, student, concerned human being @___impactdesign___

Message from VFP UK – Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Bill for contacting us and his willingness to share his works, which correspond to issues that deeply align with our mission and goals as an organization. People deserve to know the truth before they enlist, and military recruiters and adverts should be legally obligated to fully disclose all potential outcomes of joining the military.  We will be sharing Bill’s poster series over the next week, to be followed with two short videos to be posted to our VFP UK YouTube channel.

Be informed before you join!

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