VFP members second demo at Whitehall in support of Al-Babati

At 11.30 on Saturday 26th of September, 4 members of VFP held a second demonstration in Whitehall. Opposite the entrance to Downing St. The members were Liz Heaton, Neil Harvey, Deniz Vuquitrna and Alan Chick.

This was a further demonstration, to the one held previously on the 5th of September, however that one was cut short by us being rather overwhelmed by a demo of people from the Ivory Coast.

Once again this was to support Yemeni born L/Cpl Al-Babati, who had held a demonstration in the same place, to protest about arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The arms are used to continue the war on Yemen. He stated that he refused to continue his military service, while arms sales continued. He blew a whistle every 10 minutes, to signify the death of another child in Yemen.

We again attached some posters to the wall and blew a whistle every 10 minutes, just as L/Cpl Al-Babati had done, we also had the VFP banner which Liz Heaton brought along.

This time we were much more successful, we stayed for about one and a half hours. Many of the people walking past us were on their way to an anti-lockdown demo that was taking place in Trafalgar Square at the same time. They were very enthusiastic about our protest, we handed out many of the VFP cards and one guy asked for a handful of cards to hand out up at Trafalgar Square.



  1. les havell says:

    yo… it’s things like this that make me proud to be a member …. well done everyone

  2. Allen Jasson says:

    A very appreciative thank you to Liz Heaton, Neil Harvey, Deniz Vuquitrna and Alan Chick. You spoke for me.

  3. Michael John Elstub says:

    Well done guys, I wish I could have been with you. Let’s hope life will return to some semblance of normality soon, and that our Government will see the light.

  4. David Halpin FRCS says:

    Yes. Well done the VFP four. I sought news on L/Cpl Al-Batati. Google only I am afraid –

    Morning Star Online
    Peace campaigners demand the release of a British
    soldier …
    In a message recorded before the protest and posted on social media, L/Cpl Al-Babati said that he could no longer continue to serve in the army, given Britain’s …
    1 month ago
    Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more

    I imagine from the last sentence that the MOD machine has been active although mostly at home ‘working’.

  5. Andrew Tyler says:

    I’d like to join in the next one and I’m thinking of coming down for remembrance day. Any help with this would be gratefully received. I’m coming down from the very north of England

  6. Timothy Veater says:

    Well done you!

  7. David Collins says:

    Bravo! Great job

  8. Giorgio Riva says:

    Wonderful. Well done.

  9. Robert Sheridan says:

    Well done supporting this brave young man


    1. David Jessep says:

      If like to know the plight of L/Cpl Al-Babati now. How is he ?

      1. Ian Johnstone says:

        Hi David, I have messaged Ahmed he is doing okay. Currently awaiting a decision from the Army on his status.
        Thanks, Ian
        VFPUK Events Coordinator

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