VFP UK AGM 2020 – 7 NOVEMBER 1130 AM


11:30 Meet and Greet

12:00 Statement of Purpose and Code of Conduct, Year In Review, Handbook Amendment

12:30 Discussion:  Priority Campaign

13:00 Coffee Break

13:10 Policy Group 2021 Election

13:20 Awards

13:25 “Group Photo”

13:30 Discussion: Taking VFP UK Forward During Covid

14:30 Any Other Business

15:30 Social Hour


The VFP UK Meeting will be held via Zoom.

The access link will be posted to VFP UK WhatsApp groups.

You can also email the Chair, Danny Beever, for the link if you are not on WhatsApp (chair@vfpuk.org).

Please enter your first and last name when you log-in to Zoom, so we can verify membership for admittance.


VFP UK Policy Group

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