Dear Julian,
                    Firstly may I wish you a happy New Year and I hope a swift return to front line duties. You did a brilliant job in Northern Ireland, and should have been rewarded, not demoted to the back benches.
                    My first question concerns the None Proliferation Treaty on Nuclear Weapons. This was proposed by Russia, USA, and ourselves, and came into force in 1970. Article VI reads as follows;
                            Each party “undertakes to pursue negociations in good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date, and to nuclear disarmament and on a treaty on general and complete disarmament under strict and effective International control”.
                    In the last 50 years very little has happened. What effort has the Government undertaken recently to live up to these undertakings, if any at all?
                    Next, as the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons enters into International Law on 22 January 2021, why has the UK Government refused to take part in it’s formation, and refused point blank to sign it or ever abide by it’s rules? Surely this is against the spirit of the above treaty, and Article VI in particular.
                    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you are able to glean all necessary information for me.
                                                             I remain,
                                                                        Michael Elstub.
                                                                        Member of Northern Friends Peace Board (Quakers)
                                                                        Chair of Policy Group VFP. UK. 2021


  1. Anne Shimwell says:

    I supported the Aldermaston marches in the late fifties, and am appalled that we have now a Prime Minister intent on increasing our nuclear capacity. Have they learned nothing? A nuclear war has no winners. For the love of God – and our neighbours – sign the treaty and
    help get rid of all nuclear weapons.

  2. Eddie says:

    Well on you go Michael. I wish I had the language and research skills to do this.

  3. Sam Feldman says:

    Fantastic. Everyone should send letters like this.

    Sam Feldman
    VFP Chapter 032, Miami

  4. David Halpin FRCS says:

    Good terse letter. I hope Julian Smith is a better human than our MP, Mel Stride MP Central Devon.
    The well informed members of VFP.UK will know that billions have been spent on the ‘propagandare
    nero’ to promote fear and thus submission under Covid_19. Also that UK National Debt now equals UK Annual Gross Domestic Product!! That an equal amount c. £2 trillion is owed in pensions etc!
    I asked this useless MP, earning £80,000 pa + the best pension later, and ‘severance’ pay how much WE had paid the worst MSM for this prop last June.

    I have not been told yet at the end of January 2021.

    As chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, a ‘phone call would have given me the answer.
    Members know the junta is completely unaccountable, along with thousands of their ciphers.
    Bader did not lose his legs for this rabble.
    ‘Shun. All Britons.

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