Here are Neil Harvey’s photos from our Action at the Arms Fair on Tuesday 14th September.

This year the DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) Arms Fair is taking place at the Excel Exhibition Centre, in East London.

The exhibition is attended by arms dealers and representatives from regimes all round the world, looking for weapons to fight wars and to subdue internal opposition, often at the expense of causing civilian deaths and injuries and displacing people as refugees.

We are proposing to join up with the some of “Stop The Arms Fair” protests on September 14th, 2021.

There will be an Arms Fair Protest Walk, starting at 11am at Stratford Station, not Stratford International.

The walk will assemble outside Stratford Station (not Stratford International!) at 11am, and go via Plaistow to the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in Docklands to join other protesters at Tank the Arms Fair on the opening day of the DSEI arms fair 14th to 17th September.  The walk is expected to take around 2 hours.

The organisers were delighted when contacted and have offered for VFP members in VFP tops to carry their wreaths at the head of the walk. They have three wreaths for the dead of Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen respectively, in memory of the many, many victims of the arms trade in these countries.

They plan later in the day to walk round the back of the Royal Victoria Dock opposite the Excel Centre to cast the wreaths into the dock.  Our group are invited to join this action also.

If you do not fancy walking 4 miles, you can go direct to the Tank the Arms Fair Day of Action.

Tank the Arms Fair is a BIG day of action to resist the opening of the DSEI arms fair.

This day of action will take place at the west entrance to the arms fair (near the Royal Victoria DLR station) on its opening day, as arms buyers and dealers and state and military delegations from 100+ countries arrive to browse the weaponry on sale – from guns and bombs to fighter jets and warships – to listen to keynote speakers and watch live action demos in the Royal Victoria Dock, but most of all to network and make deals.
Head straight to the site, or join Mad Hatters and Trident Ploughshares at Stratford Station (not Stratford International!) to walk to the site via Plaistow talking to East Londoners on the way about the huge arms fair taking place on their doorstep.
Here is a link to the Arms Fair Protest Walk
Here is a link to the Day of Action 
If you are planning on coming or want any more information, please contact to give us some idea of the numbers to expect.



  1. Gerry Osborne (Mr) says:

    The place I used to hire a wheelchair has closed down.
    Without a wheelchair the task will be beyond my ability.
    We need to ake an effective presence.

  2. Kathy Coutanche says:

    It’s not Stratford International, then?

    1. Heather Soeight says:

      So heartening that you’ve made connections and are joining up with other groups for the Day of Action.
      Greetings and supportive good wishes from Peace Action Durham!

    2. Alan Chick says:

      So glad that you noticed.

    3. Alan Chick says:

      So glad that you noticed that it is not Stratford International.

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