1. Policy Group
  2. Annual General Meeting
  3. Margate Expenses
  4. Submit Remembrance Reports
  5. VFP London
  6. National Coordinator

1. Policy Group

In September 2021 the Policy Group requested support from the Trustees following the departure of the Chair, Michael Elstub and National Coordinator, Julio Torres. Both had changes in their personal circumstances which made service on the Policy Group untenable.

The Trustees decided that Phillip Clarke and I (Ben Griffin) would assist the Policy Group through to the end of 2021.

After the first meeting it was clear that organising an Annual Gathering this year was beyond our capacity and that it was too late in the year to begin liaising with the police to ensure a ceremony at The Cenotaph.

We have focussed on righting the ship ready for a fresh start in 2022.

Work has been carried out behind the scenes, speaking with members, clarifying expectations, rebuilding relationships and trust.

Candidates have been sought to fill the vacancies on the Policy Group and stand for election at the AGM.

Handbook changes have been formulated and submitted that will re-focus the responsibilities, obligations and workload of the Policy Group, which will be renamed the Admin Group.

A significant addition has also been proposed to the Statement of Conduct:

1. We will be peaceful in our words, methods and actions.

If passed, this sentence will provide clarity for all members as to what is expected of a Veteran For Peace and guide everything that we do.

We will discuss and vote on these Handbook changes at our AGM.

Our present Policy Group is as follows:


Chair Phillip Clarke (co-opted from 22 Nov)
National Coordinator Ben Griffin (co-opted)
Treasurer Alan Chick
Membership Secretary Neil Harvey
Projects David Collins
Prospective member Brad Oliver (co-opted)

Only one candidate per position has volunteered to stand for election to the Admin Group at the AGM this year:


Chair Phillip Clarke
Administrator Ben Griffin
Treasurer Alan Chick
Membership Secretary Neil Harvey
Sweeper Brad Oliver

It is proposed that Michael Elstub is appointed to The Trustees:


At Present After AGM
Ben Griffin John Bourton
John Bourton Kathryn Piquette
Kathryn Piquette Michael Elstub

2. VFP UK Annual General Meeting 2021

Date: Sunday 28 November 2021

Time: Midday

Location: Zoom

You can access the meeting via the following link.


At present the agenda is as follows but is subject to change.


Time Item Name
1200-1205 Statement of Purpose Ben Griffin
1205-1215 Welcome Address & houskeeping Phillip Clarke
1215-1230 Financial Report Alan Chick
1230-1250 Membership Report Neil Harvey
1250-1330 Handbook Changes Ben Griffin
1340-1355 Election Addresses All Candidates
1355-1400 Election Chaired by David Collins
1400-1440 VFP UK in 2022 Chaired by Phillip Clarke
1440-1500 Any Other Business Chaired by Phillip Clarke

Online Social

3. Margate Expenses

The Turner Gallery in Margate has agreed to cover the travelling expenses of any Veteran For Peace who travelled to Margate for our Remembrance Ceremony on Saturday 13 November.

Please email Alan Chick accounts@vfpuk.org including your name and any tickets or receipts you have.

4. Submit Remembrance Reports

There was Remembrance activity carried out by Veterans For Peace all over the country last weekend. Please email any reports or photos to Ben Griffin admin@vfpuk.org for publication on our website.

5. VFP London December Meeting

Date: Wednesday 08 December

Time: 1830 hours

Location: Housmans Books, 5 Caledonian Road, N1 9DY

6. National Coordinator

After consulting with my family, Trustees and members of the Policy Group, I have volunteered to fill the vacant National Coordinator role until the AGM and then stand for election.

I am available to assist members of VFP UK and answer any queries via the email address admin@vfpuk.org (I am not on any social media or messenger services).

All the very best, Ben Griffin


  1. Kirk says:

    ‘We will be peaceful in our words, methods and actions.’
    Get’s my vote, I think it’s a positive message / mantra for all members of VFP.

    The answer lies within ourselves. If we can’t find peace and happiness there, it’s not going to come from the outside.
    – Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

  2. Gerry Osborne says:

    We should use that sentence almost as part of our logo
    “We will be peaceful in our words, methods and actions.”

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