This AGM saw significant changes made to the way our organisation operates.

We have changed our organisational structure away from a centralised top down approach to one in which each Veteran For Peace is encouraged to observe the world around them, pay attention to what is happening and discern for themselves how best to; Serve the cause of World Peace.

We have renamed the Policy Group, the Admin Group. A new Admin group was elected to make decisions on behalf of the AGM throughout the year and to maintain our organisation at the national level. The Admin Group is no longer expected to organise VFP activity around the country.

Regional Coordinators no longer exist. As we move into 2022 each Veteran For Peace and the Outreach Groups they form will be responsible for organising VFP activity. We encourage you all to form Outreach Groups in your local areas and around specific projects.

Our Statement of Conduct has a new first sentence;

We are peaceful in our words, methods, and actions.

This simple sentence is not a future intention or ideal.

It is what we do, how we behave, what is expected of us, as Veterans For Peace.

Ben Griffin


Our Annual General Meeting took place on Sunday 28 November 2021 and for the second year in a row was held via Zoom.

1. Statement of Purpose

Recited by Ben Griffin

2. Welcome Address

Phillip Clarke, Chair, gave the welcome address and set out the agenda for the day.

3. Financial Report

Alan Chick, Treasurer, submitted the Financial Report which can be viewed on our website: Financial Report PDF

Our finances are in a healthy state with a reserve big enough to cover our obligations for over a year if necessary.

There will be a culling of unused email accounts and unused domain names to lower our monthly costs.

Donations from members remains our number one source of income and is key to our independence.

To make a regular donation please visit:

4. Membership Report

Neil Harvey, Membership Secretary, reported that we have 302 members of which only 123 have supplied Proof of Service (PoS), this is the lowest ratio ever reported at an AGM.

Proof of Service is a condition of membership, every new member is asked via email to submit their PoS electronically. There seems to be some reticence in doing this.

In the past the Annual Gathering was a key opportunity for members to submit PoS in person, we have not met nationally since November 2019.

If you have not supplied Proof of Service then please email a copy to

5. Handbook Amendments

Ben Griffin, Administrator, guided the AGM through each page of the Handbook and the proposed amendments. Questions were raised and answered, comments were made and heard, explanations were given. The Handbook Amendments were voted through one page at a time.

Outreach Groups were given prominence / priority and moved to the top of Section 5: Structure.

The Policy Group was renamed the Admin Group.

Regional Coordinators were removed.

Neutral Country was removed as the priority campaign and will become the responsibility of an Outreach Group, if there are members willing and able to take it on.

The Ceremony at The Cenotaph was removed as an obligation from the Handbook and will become the responsibility of an Outreach Group, if there are members willing and able to take it on.

To read the revised Handbook online please visit

To download a pdf copy please visit: Handbook 2022

6. Appointment of New Trustee

Trustees are named in our Handbook and so their appointment is through a Handbook Amendment.

Ben Griffin, having stood for election to the Admin Group, was removed from the Trustees.

Michael Elstub, having served as Chair, was appointed to the Trustees.

He joins John Bourton and Kathryn Piquette.

7. Election to the Admin Group

Thanks were given to outgoing members David Collins, Julio Torres and Michael Elstub for their service in 2021.

The candidates were introduced by David Collins and each gave a brief address outlying why they were standing for election.

The floor was opened for questions to the candidates.

As only one person stood for each position there was no election, via a show of hands the AGM affirmed the candidates unanimously.

RoleResponsibilityVeteran For Peace
ChairCoordinates the Admin Group ensuring all roles and tasks are fulfilled.Phillip Clarke
AdministratorResponsible for day-to-day business and the delegation of administrative work required for VFP UK to function on the national level. Is the point of contact for outside organisations.Ben Griffin
TreasurerEnsures the integrity of our financial records.Alan Chick
Membership SecretaryEnsures the integrity of our membership records.Neil Harvey
SweeperCarries out unforeseen tasks and assists where required.Brad Oliver

8. Discussion on VFP UK in 2022

A good natured discussion was chaired by Phillip Clarke and included any other business.

It was noted that an Annual Gathering was a highlight of the year for a lot of members, providing the opportunity to meet other VFP from around the country.

It was noted that any Annual Gathering should incorporate an event or occasion that would provide an underlying reason for members to travel from afar.

It was proposed that some sort of buddy system be put into operation to assist new members.

It was noted that a podcast called “Aspects of War” would be launched in 2022.

It was raised that the present ratio of members who have supplied Proof of Service was too low and should be addressed in the coming year.

9. Corrections

If you attended the AGM and notice any corrections required or you have additional information missing from the report please comment below or email Ben Griffin

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