Michael John Pike, also known as Spike the Poet, is a former soldier who served in the Scots Guards on operations in Northern Ireland.

Having witnessed the ugly side of humanity, both in the Army and on civvy street, Michael found that “poetry is my path to a more enlightened and peaceful way of life.”

As a Veteran For Peace, Spike has given talks to young people in schools, interacted with former members of the IRA including speaking engagements with Pat Magee, and continues to perform his poetry at events around the country.

You can find Spike on his YouTube Channel Spike The Poet


  1. You have seen it all Spike, and now speak truth with art and from your heart. I salute you, a civilian surgeon, who escaped National Service by six months, and who has always tried to heal rather than harm.
    ‘They’ are attempting to drown truth with unprecedented propagandare nero – in every minute of the day and night. Your voice, of many, against the blackest tide.
    I read no national ‘papers’. Up early after to bed early at 81, I have just read Chris Hedges – a text with videos via RT. (Ironic that the majority of reports is coming from an outlet backed by the Russian state.)
    https://www.rt.com/op-ed/543082-execution-assange-empire-lies/ And do read the link to another imprisoned for telling truth to evil power – remote murder by ‘drone’.
    You might like this by me in 2005 – written in the hour or two after the gathering of some hypocrites at the Cenotaph.

  2. David Longley says:

    very powerful, Spike. Brought tears to my eyes

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